Save £1,000’s in machine downtime in the event of encoder failure

Have you checked on your incremental encoders recently?

These machine components are typically overlooked as they usually hide away in your machine and continue to operate reliably for many years.

But nothing lasts forever, so when their service life runs out, you’ll want a speedy replacement to get your process back up and running as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary downtime.

If you’re lucky, you may have a dedicated encoder spares profile in your stores. But with a seemingly endless amount of incremental encoder options that OEM’s can use, its an incredibly difficult task to plan for every eventuality.

What if we told you that there was a better way to effectively combat incremental encoder failure?

The incremental encoder conversion kit from SICK Sensor Intelligence is a maintenance technicians’ best friend as it holds the necessary parts to quickly replace over 90% of incremental encoders from a large selection of manufacturers.

This kit also helps to eliminate the need for dedicated spare parts, which in-turn frees up storage space and cuts down on your inventory costs.



So how does it work?

At the heart of the kit is the SICK DFS60 programmable incremental encoder. This handheld programmer allows you to quickly select any encoder resolution from 1-10000ppr and determine whether the output is a 5V (TTL / RS422) output or a 24V (HTL / Push-pull / PNP / NPN) output.

What’s more, if during mounting the once per revolution pulse (Z) needs to be aligned with a part of the machine process, you can do this electronically at the touch of a button on the programmer.

 A 3m connecting cable is included if the encoder you wish to replace is a cable exit variety or if it has a different connector or pin allocation from the DFS60.

The kit also comes with 3 different mechanical variations, such as an industry standard 10mm shaft face mount / clamping flange design, 6mm shaft servo flange design and hollow shaft design with integral flexible stator coupling, for that much needed mechanical flexibility.

In the case of the hollow shaft version, there are many manufacturers which also feature the 63mm pcd fixings of the DFS60, however there are those which use different fixings.

 To cater for this, an alternative stator coupling is included to enable the DFS60 hollow shaft to be fitted to fixings with pcd’s ranging from 65mm to 284mm.  A range of interchangeable sleeves (collets) is included to reduce the shaft diameter from 5/8” to 15mm, 14mm, 12mm, 10mm, 8mm or 6mm.


Quick overview of the kit content:

  • Part Number: 7100528
  • Servo flange 6mm shaft, Face mount 10mm shaft and 5/8” hollow shaft programmable encoders 1-10000ppr, TTL/HTL with M23 connector exit.
  • Collets for adaption of 5/8” hollow shaft to 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 or 15mm drive shafts.
  • Alternative mounting bracket for hollow shaft encoder for adaption to existing fixings.
  • 3m connector / cable assembly for replacement of cabled encoders
  • Handheld programming tool + AA batteries.

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