Just One Sensor - Countless Applications

The all-new W10 touch-screen photoelectric proximity sensor from our partners at SICK Sensor Intelligence brings the future to the field level. This sensationally innovative device challenges sensor status-quo as you no longer have to sift through mountains of sensor specs to decide upon a specific make & model that best fits your application requirements.

MultiMode functions and configurations, such as foreground and background suppression, are packed into a single sensor means that you can count on ultra-reliable detection no matter where the W10 is installed.  It is easy to operate and can be adapted to specific detection tasks in no time at all. It's preconfigured for 'power up and go'. 

A Touch of Innovation 

Who say's that touch-screen technology is just limited to HMI's and tablet PC's on the manufacturing floor? 

With the W10's sleek touch-screen display, users can set sensor parameters in a just a few taps. Start using the W10 for many typical applications straight away using pre-defined factory settings for common use-case scenarios. Just swipe-up, select and configure. The entire device boasts an IP rating of IP69K with its stainless steel housing and the touch-screen is also shatter-proof, enabling the W10 to take tough environmental conditions.

So, the SICK W10 photoelectric proximity sensor is just as resilient to harsh washdown applications as it is on fast-moving production lines.

But what about unwated changes by unauthorised personnel? 

The W10's secure screen locking function allows you to easily define access restrictions to avoid costly reconfiguration during operation. 

Solve Sensor Indecision

With the W10, you can drastically cut down on the amount of sensors you need to stock without having to stress over inconsistent sensor results.

From speed mode for high-speed applications, to precision mode for precise positioning tasks, to standard mode for use in harsh conditions are all packed into a single device.
Configurations such as foreground and background suppression can also be selected via the touch-screen display to further boost your detection quality. 

In addition to the common Single Value Teach, which detects objects at a defined distance, a Two Value Teach allows objects of different heights to be detected without increasing the risk of pesky detection errors. 

As such, you can master numerous sensing tasks, even with highly-reflective, dark or uneven surfaces. For example, It's well suited for level detection in bowl feeders, or presence detection of components with irregular shapes or heights, even if they have shiny metal surfaces.

All you need to do is select from four variants including short or long range options with two different fronts: one for standard 1-inch hole mounting and one for hybrid installation via the threaded M18 front or side 1-inch mounting hole. 

The short-range version has a working distance between 20 mm and 400 mm and the long-range version offers ranges from 20 mm to 700 mm. 


Now you no longer need to stock a multitude of sensor variants with similar properties.

This will be welcome news for both buyers and engineers alike. Just one part to order,manage, train on, troubleshoot, and replace. 

Whether you’re looking for a painless installation and commissioning experience, or for a way to streamline the supply chain, the different operating modes and configurations means that the W10 may be the only photoelectric sensor you will ever need.