Shape the future of UK industry through digital and sustainability transformation at Siemens Transform 2024 

Our partners at Siemens are back with their legendary flagship event as they take over Manchester Central Convention Centre on 17th & 18th July

If your business is curious about the future of UK industry and is seeking growth opportunities through digitalisation and looking for new ways to achieve your sustainability goals by embracing the power of advanced technology, Siemens Transform 2024 is one event that you won’t want to miss.

Join us and thousands of participants across all walks of industry at the only FREE exhibition in the UK where you can explore all the latest and future technological innovations across the entire Siemens ecosystem.

The Underwoods team will be there in full-force so we are more than happy to help you explore the best fit technology that will be of most value to your individual operational challenges. 

Catapult your industrial transformation today by signing up today using the link below and don't forget to mention Underwoods during the registration process. 

Why should you attend? 

Transform 2024 is more than just a groundbreaking technology showcase.

Its a chance for you and your team to collaborate with industry experts to solve your most pressing operational challenges, including guidance on how to fund these new projects.

You will also get the chance to hear from industry leaders and tech experts about how future industrial trends could have a positive impact on your business such as:

  • Real world applications of the Industrial metaverse

With so many headlines around the concept of a metaverse, how can businesses cut through the noise to understand where there are real applications in an industrial context.​

​How far along are we in terms of the concept being actualised in an industrial context? What are the stepping stones to getting there, and why should businesses take action now?​

  • Future-proofing infrastructure and industry 

What role does technology play in the development of sustainable infrastructure of the future? And where do we already need to be investing in connecting the real and digital worlds. ​

​From our reliance on electrification, where net zero will increasingly dominate decision making when it comes to investment. To ensuring our patchwork of legacy infrastructure can be optimised to run in a way that supports modern demands and consumer expectations. ​

  • AI in the industrial space and Machine Learning

Discussions around AI seems to be taking place everywhere you look at the moment. In the industrial space, AI and Machine Learning have been a mainstay of modern manufacturing for many years. And, now that the topic is becoming more mainstream with the onset of generative AI, greater questions are being asked about the future of the world of work.​

​This session will look at the impact of AI as a whole and the current discussions around what innovations and current regulations will look like in terms of AI in work. It will also look at the role of AI in digitalisation of processes and why value comes from using AI to do jobs no human could do (big data analysis etc) and how it can be used to allow humans to make better decisions.​

  • Cybersecurity - From grudge purchase to business enabler

Cyber security is an increasing concern for all businesses, but particularly for critical industries and infrastructure. For manufacturers, downtime brings with it huge costs, carries reputational challenges, and ultimately impacts bottom line. ​

​Prevention is better than cure and good cyber security is a fundamental part of any digital transformation. However, it is still considered by many to be a grudge purchase. As well as providing the latest on coming cybersecurity regulations, it will help change perceptions and explain why improving cyber security can be an enabler of other initiatives and a starting point for broader digital transformation.

There will be so much to see and explore across this momentous 2-day exhibition. So whether you are a systems integrator, machine builder, panel builder or a manufacturing company, make sure to book your place.