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TIA Portal & Siemens PLC's Fundamentals Course

Have you taken on a new crop of apprentices or graduate engineers that are looking to get up to speed with Siemens PLCs and TIA Portal?  Sign them up for our 3-Day TIA Portal Masterclass which will arm your team with the key fundamentals to confidentally work SIMATIC S7-1200 & S7-1500 controllers within TIA Portal. 

Each participant will be provided with the S7-1200 and the S7-1500 PLC systems, a ET200SP distributed IO system and a KTP700 Basic HMI Panel, giving them a real hands-on experience with Siemens equipment. 

What topics will your team be diving into? 

TIA Portal Software OverviewTags in TIA PortalExploring Maintenance 
Overview of TIA Portal interfaceWorking with Global/Local IO tagsProject search/Filtering exercises
Siemens Hardware & DiagnosticsBlocks in TIA PortalUsing cross-references
Online & diagnostics exercises Creating/using Siemens Program blocksIntroduction to Analogue signals
Tackling PLC configurationIntroduction to LibrariesOnline/offline comparison exercises
Uploading & downloading devicesOnline monitoring exercisesProject backup/Archiving exercises
Getting to grips with PROFINETSimple program code changes  
Exploring PLC diagnosticsWorking with Watch Tables 

Courses Include:

  • TIA Portal & Siemens PLC's Fundamentals
  • Maintenance courses for Step 7 Classic
  • Maintenance courses for S5 legacy software

Tap into TIA Fundamentals

Each TIA Portal Fundamentals course can either be held at your local Underwoods branch, on-site at your facility (at our discretion) or at Headquarters in Enfield, North London. 

If you are looking to level up your new-starters, request further information on pricing and availability by clicking the link below.

How we can help upskill your team

Keeping up-to-date with the latest automation & controls technology that can improve the efficiency of your machines & plant becomes that bit easier with our live webinars and product update workshops.

Product Workshops

Are your engineering teams struggling to regularly familiarise themselves with new automation & control equipment.

That's why we offer onsite product updates and workshops as well as shorter ‘lunch and learn’ sessions, allowing us to discuss your specific application in more detail. This gives you the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the latest technology at your premises.

Additionally, we can provide interactive sessions that focus on the latest software packages from our manufacturing partners, enabling you to flexibly and cost-effectively upskill your people, available at all of our branches across the UK.

Popular workshops include: 

  • Siemens LOGO 8 Masterclass 
  • SIMATIC Safety Integrated 
  • SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort Panels 
  • SICK Functional Safety 
  • Phoenix Contact Cybersecurity 
  • Phoenix Contact PLC Next

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Want the inside scoop on the latest tech updates from our top manufacturing partners?

Look no further than our on-demand technical webinar playlist, which is the perfect place to find all of the previous webinars that our technical support hosted that you might have missed out on. Dive into these webinars to unlock a treasure trove of insights straight from the experts.

You can watch all our webinars freely at your leisure—no need to submit your contact details beforehand. Make sure to give us a follow on YouTube, as we are regularly adding new webinars that you will likely find useful.  

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