Elite SICK Partner 

Get a sense for SICK's smart sensor portfolio to start generating and receiving data that goes far beyond traditional switching signals or measured process parameters.

As an Elite partner, Underwoods have a series of product champions that can utilise SICK's diverse sensor portfolio to solve just about any of your sensing, automation safety or industrial identification needs. 

SICK Products

Sensing the Future of Industry

SICK is the market leader in sensor and sensor solutions for industrial applications from factory automation to process control solutions and logistics applications.

SICK's diverse sensor portfolio can help you with monitoring and controlling your processes securely and efficiently, protecting your personnel from accidents or preventing damage to the environment, all while improving quality, speed, and precision in all lines of industry.

Go Beyond Industry 4.0

Change is everywhere. While we used to think that it is was mainly about intelligent networked production, we've already gone beyond that. Fusing the operative manufacturing level with the IT level brings new digital challenges. 

But new aspects are being added almost every day: artificial intelligence, deep learning, and digital twins – these are just some of the buzzwords that are currently fuelling the topic and which find their counterparts in smart sensors. With these, Underwoods and SICK are driving the changes and constantly exceeding old boundaries.



Want to take a deep dive into all of the technological advancements that SICK now has to offer when it comes to sensing, safety and identification? 

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