When machinery safety is of paramount importance but plastic safety switches just don't last in your factory, you're best option is to choose a seriously robust safety interlocking unit from Fortress Safety that are built to last - even in the most taxing environments in heavy industry. 

As the ONLY Fortress Safety distributor across England, Scotland & Wales - Underwoods are your trusted partner for achieving the highest levels of machinery safety without impeding upon productivity. 

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        Safety By Design

        Fortress Safety are experts in the field of machinery safety. Their comprehensive range of modular safety devices means that you can design a safety system to cover virtually any machine guardung application. 

        You can construct an optimised solution that not only provides the best protection for your team, but also ensures your operations continue to run as smoothly as possible. 

        Why Fortress? 

        Most importantly, Fortress safety devices are some of the toughest interlocks on the market. Dust, dirt and extreme temperature environments pose no issue for their safety interlocking switches and trapped key systems.

        Explosive environments, wash down, sea spray, freezers; you name it, Fortress have devices that can withstand it.

        Networked Safety Solutions

        Did you know that Fortress Safety's heavy duty gate switches can also support networked safety protocols?

        Choose from EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and EtherCAT. And it's impressive FRANK system allows you to easily manage machine access control permissions using your desired network protocol.