Together, Underwoods and Ewon are empowering machine builders and plant operators to conquer the digital manufacturing landscape by reaping the many benefits that secure remote connectivity and online machine troubleshooting brings.

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      Unlocking Industrial Insight

      Ewon is THE first choice of many machine builders and plant operators around the world when secure remote access solution is required. 

      An Ewon remote connectivity gateway pave the way to bring your legacy machine into the digital era by eliminating the need to pruchase expensive new installations. Its extensive compatability with most PLC systems on the market means that you easily monitor and troubleshoot your equipment no matter where it is deployed within the world without any IT skill needed. 

      Secure connection in 2 clicks to any PLC. 

      Capitilising the success of the Ewon Cosy 131, the Cosy+ takes IIoT cybersecurity to a whole new level, making industrial remote access more secure than ever before.  

      With embedded Hardware Security into every device, each Cosy+ unit is designed for optimal security, whilst ensuring that the setup doesn't require any advanced IT knowledge, making any machine IIoT-ready in a matter of minutes.   

      PLC troubleshooting and HMI monitoring over the internet becomes effortless with the Ewon Cosy+ so you can continue to offer effective and sustainable machine support, save time and money while securing a major long-term competitive advantage.




      Dive into the world of seamless remote machine support and learn everything you need to know in order to get started. 

      Unlock the secrets of this cutting-edge technology and discover its countless advantages within this in-depth whitepaper