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Work Smarter, Not Harder with Siemens Electrical Products 

Designing, engineering and building optimally constructed control panels that comply with the latest international standards isn't an easy task. 

But our partners at Siemens will show you how to simplify your engineering workload on their 2 hour virtual Electrical Products (EP) Symposium.

The EP Symposium is constructed of short 10 minute practical demonstrations and software simulations which provide you with tips and tricks to reduce your engineering efforts on your next control panel build. 

Join us on 9th June to see how you can save time during the control panel design phase right through to the installation process. 

Why worker harder when you can worker smarter with Siemens Electrical Products

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Industrial Cybersecurity

The increasing networking of machines and industrial automation systems has created an exponential growth in the number of security threats, which are also becoming more specialised and complex.

So if you want to find out how these security threats could occur and what protective measures your business can put in place to safeguard against these cyber attacks, read on.

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