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TIA Portal Training Workshops

Are you a complete beginner to programming Siemens PLCs or perhaps you have some prior experience but are looking to better familiarise yourself with maintaining your systems using the TIA Portal? 

Then you've come to the right place as we have a series of training workshops that teaches TIA Portal novices everything they need to know to effectively program and maintain Siemens PLC and HMI systems within TIA Portal. 

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Limit Prox Sensor Replacements by Switching to Omron’s E2E NEXT Series

As Omron's E2E NEXT sensor range offers a superior detection range, you can push past the limits of other proximity sensors and put more space into your application by enabling collision-free installations. 

In fact, 2E NEXT PREMIUM Model Proximity Sensors ensure equivalent sensing distance while being one size smaller (M12) than previous M18 models, allowing you to install them in spaces where conventional sensors were too big to fit.

Combine this with the e-jig accessory and you can replace these inductive proximity sensors in 10 seconds flat, minimising the efforts of your maintenance personnel. 

See why you'll never need another proximity sensor

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