A Little Extra Support

Learn more about the dedicated support that we can provide to Machine Builders & Manufacturing End Users

Building the machines of the future - together 

Today, OEMs are challenged with keeping up-to-date with the latest technological innovation while remaining competitive in terms of time and cost.

Within this dynamic marketplace, your customers expect you to provide cutting-edge automation solutions that increase business agility, optimise productivity and achieve sustainability objectives, all while lowering their total cost of ownership.

By offering start-to-finish support, our OEM team can help you meet and surpass these challenges so that you can design and build production-ready machines in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. 


We offer a series of popular kitting options that can streamline your ordering and inventory processes, such as picking, packaging and supplying related items under one unique part number instead of treating them as individual parts. 
While we’ll consult with you to determine the best solution for your business, the outcome will make inventory easer to pick, reduce the time it takes to order, and even lower associated supply costs through lower delivery fees.

Equipment Standardisation

One area we specialise in is equipment standardisation. We can work with your engineering team to introduce commonality across the full portfolio of your machines.By developing standard equipment lists to help consolidate the breadth of automation products that your business is purchasing, we can also reduce the number of suppliers that your purchasing department needs to manage.

Virtual Machine Commissioning 

To effectively compete within the global marketplace, you need to add value beyond the cost of your equipment and maximise company performance.
By building a Digital Twin of your machine, you can offer your customers further value by simulating and validating machine behaviour to optimise design flaws, uncover potential efficiencies & cut down on your go-to-market time.

Enhancing your plants operational efficiency

As a manufacturer, you will be continuously streamlining your processes and looking to maintain optimal energy performance while consistently reducing your overall production costs. 

But most modern factories rarely ever run like clockwork and there are a whole host of challenges that your engineering and maintenance teams face on a daily basis. If your manufacturing network consists of multiple production facilities, keeping track of your entire operation can be a near-impossible task — without the right automation partner. 

Project Planning

Large scale automation projects can be incredibly difficult to manage, especially if there are a significant number of suppliers involved. Underwoods can relieve some of these burdens by setting engineering specifications to create a shortlist of standardised automation components.

We will also collaborate with your System Integrators, Original Equipment Manufacturers and Panel Builders to ensure that all suppliers adhere to the engineering spec and that the project is delivered as expected if this is required.

Site Surveys / Spares Profiling

Underwoods offer free site surveys, whereby we will determine what hardware you are currently using throughout your plant and help you to devise an appropriate stock profile for maintenance purposes as well as a critical spares list so that your productivity isn't affected in the unlikely event of faulty hardware.

We can also highlight obsolete equipment and suggest replacement units that are similar in functionality to avoid unnecessary production losses. Let us help you to maximise your overall equipment efficiency. 

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