Underwoods Sustainable Packaging Promise

When is a box MORE than just a box?

That's the question we asked ourselves when we recently audited our operational processes and up until recently, the boxes that were used to ship out the components we supply contained a series of unrecyclable materials.

Since we deliver over 10,000 boxes every year, we knew we had to make a change and eliminate as much packaging waste as possible.

That is why we have changed our packaging materials to a more environmentally friendly alternative. Now, every single box is 100% recyclable, which uses paper tape and paper-based document holders.

Achieving sustainable business practices isn’t just something for large manufacturing companies or multinational corporations to focus on.

As industrial automation distributors are a key part of the manufacturing supply chain, we feel that it is our duty to follow in the footsteps of our customers and manufacturing supplier partners and do our bit to ensure our operating practices are as sustainable as possible.

This was just one of the many recent initiatives that we have undertaken, and we have recently been aware a “Committed” Sustainability Rating following our latest EcoVadis assessment.

The assessment is based on our company’s management system performance in four key areas - Environment, Labour & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

While we recognise that our recent sustainable packaging initiative is only a small change, it is a change nonetheless, and we will continue to implement other sustainable business initiatives in 2024 and beyond.