How to cut down on compressed air leakages

Losing air in your warehouse automation systems?

If you work in the warehouse and logistics market, then you probably know that reject and sortation systems rely on a reliable supply of compressed air for their operation.

But what you might know is that, according to the Carbon Trust, an estimated 30% of the compressed air used in industrial facilities is lost to leakage.  

The investment costs, for example for procuring powerful compressors, are enormous. To save on follow-up costs, you must ensure loss-free operation of compressed air systems.

Compressed air leakage might be costing you more money than you think.  

That is where the FTMg flow meters from our partners at SICK come into play.

Monitoring and data logging compressed air flow using the FTMg Flow Meters can help you to identify leaks and save £1000's in energy costs whilst safeguarding your logistics processes.

Data logging and trending can be viewed straight on the device as well as Analog, Switching & IO-Link interfaces to send data to the PLC and POE options enabling simple web-based connection a PC or cloud systems to make energy consumption more transparent.

These flow meters measures gas flow, temperature, energy consumption as well as the process pressure, making it a cost-saving multi-talent and it also helps you to implement efficient energy management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001.

Looking to learn a little more about the FTMg Flow Meters from SICK? 

If you are looking to cut down on costly compressed air waste within your pneumatic systems, then you should check out our on-demand webinar hosted by our in-house process instrumentation expert - Shahbaz Choudhry.

On this webinar we cover: 

- How FTMg flow sensors facilitate early detection of compressed air leakages. 

- Why you should use the FTMg flow sensors as well as a deep dive into the multiple parameters that these sensors can measure including flow, velocity, energy, volume flow, total volume, mass flow, total mass, pressure and temperature.

- How you can set up transparent compressed air conumsption measurements with the FTMg's in-built data monitoring functionality and integrated web server.

- How these flow sensors can uncover potential energy savings in line with DIN EN ISO 50001 and a real world look at the potential savings you could achieve. 

Identifying vulnerabilities in your pneumatic systems & strengthening your OEE gets a whole lot easier when your harness the power of the FTMg flow meters.