Unifying Industry - WinCC Unified Workshops

Bringing Unity To Your Entire Visualisation System 

Building upon the success of our live WinCC demos at our Talking TIA V18 seminars, we are back with a highly requested workshop that seeks to answer all of the major questions that you may have about the new WinCC Unified platform. 

These deep-dive sessions are run exclusively by our in-house technical support team that provide an equal blend between product functionality discovery & live use-case demonstrations that walk you through various configuration and set-up tasks. 

So what can you expect to be covered at our workshops? 

Part 1|1hr System Study

  • Introduction to WinCC Unified Hardware & Software Platform
  • WinCC Unified System Highlights 
  • WinCC Unified vs Existing WinCC Platform
  • WinCC Unified Licensing
  • WinCC Unified HTML5 Web Client Overview
  • WinCC Unified Options; Audit Basis, Collaboration, Database Storage, Logging & Reporting
  • WinCC Unified Edge Apps
  • WinCC Unified Security 
  • WinCC Unified Data2Unified & Modernisation Checker

Part 2| 2hr Live Demonstrations

  • SIMATIC WinCC Unified VoT Configuration
  • Design & Configuration of Simple TIA Portal Faceplates
  • Creation of Screen Navigation & Screen Windows 
  • Configuration of Users & Roles 
  • Configuration of Alarms & Messages
  • Configuration of Data & Alarm Logging

Part 3|20-30m 'Next Steps'

  • UED Application & Technical Support
  • How we can assist with your Unified Journey
  • Q&A / Further Actions

Events are either being held at local Underwoods branches or in our dedicated training room at our HQ in Enfield.Below are a list of all remaining workshop locations. 

Location Date
Bury 22nd January
Bury 23rd January
Durham 24th January
Durham 25th January
Enfield HQ 25th January
High Wycombe 31st January
Leeds 6th February
Enfield HQ 7th February
Leeds 9th February
Enfield HQ 13th February
Leeds 13th February
Cardiff 14th February 
Bury 20th February
Bury 21st February
Southampton 22nd February
Southampton 23rd February
Southampton 26th February
Bristol 27th February
Warrington 13th March


To enquire about a workshop in your local area, contact your local Underwoods branch