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SIPART PS2 - Master of everything

With the SIPART PS2, you have a nulti-talent positioners that can optimally handle a wide spectrum of challenges in your automated process plants.

The SIPART PS2 has become the most widely used positioner for linear and part-turn actuators. Its optional pressure sensors improve valve diagnosis and enhance process parameter monitoring. 

Furthermore, the Fail in Place feature ensures that the valve remains in its last position upon loss of electrical and/or pneumatic power. 

Whether you are in need of a positioner in a compact design, remote position detection, or remote control electronics; the PS2 covers all eventualities. 

Reliable and flexible valve control

The SIPART positioner family are the ideal interface between the control system and the valves within your automated process plants. The SIPART PS100 and SIPART PS2 are just right for your application requirements. 

SIPART PS100 - Master the Essentials

If you are looking for a reliable controller for standard applications, then the range of electro-pneumatic positioners within the SIPART PS100 family are the ideal choice when you need a simple, fast and reliable controller. 

Its ease and speed of initialisation makes the PS100, the preferred choice by valve manufacturers, the chemical industry, the energy sector and many other industrial sectors. 

Each unit is fitted with a contactless magnetic sensor for accurate and wear-free detection of valve positions. There are also different enclosure versions, aluminium or polycarbonate cover, which are selected depending on the process conditions of your application. 

Process Instrumentation Configurator

Selecting the correct field instrument to effectively measure your processes can be incredibly difficult and it is easy to accidentally specify the wrong device. That is why the PIA Lifecycle tool simplifies this by allowing you to configure a selected product step by step and utilise the integrated configuration knowledge to avoid errors.  

Configure your field devices

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