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Measure everything that matters

Regardless of your industry, maintaining high efficiency and product quality is only possible when you start at the field level with precise, transparent process measurements.

Whether you're dealing with pressure, temperature, flow or level, Siemens Process Instrumentation offers you an innovative, single source measurement solutions to increase plant efficiency and enhance product quality. The portfolio also includes weighing and batching systems, pneumatic valve positioners and process recorders. 

These intelligent instruments can seamlessly integrate with the larger world of industrial automation and control systems - enabling greater process transparency. They measure, analyse, regulate and control industrial processes by offering maximum precision and absolutely reliable measurement results. 


Optimise your processes

High quality processes are crucial within the process industry. But it is the process instrumentation and analytics as well as weighing technology that measures the efficiency of your processes. Siemens offers you a one-stop shop to cater for all your process tasks. 

Smart Asset Management for your Field Devices

Did you know that up to 90% of field device information in process plants is underutilised? 

With the SITRANS SAM IQ - the app for smart asset management, you can start to make better use of your these untapped datastreams. SITRANS SAM IQ manages your process instrumentation data, including the health status of your instruments for monitoring purposes as well as detailed trending of process values and access to device specific diagnostic data. 

  • One application for all field devices and protocols
  • Optimise your processes with customised multi-parameter dashboards 
  • Detection of unauthorised device or configuration changes 

Process Instrumentation Configurator

Selecting the correct field instrument to effectively measure your processes can be incredibly difficult and it is easy to accidentally specify the wrong device. That is why the PIA Lifecycle tool simplifies this by allowing you to configure a selected product step by step and utilise the integrated configuration knowledge to avoid errors.  

Configure your field devices

Useful Resources

Are you looking to learn more about SIMATIC PDM, or perhaps you want understand how you can add instruments to Siemens PCS 7? Well why not check out the following Youtube channel that has a series of videos covering everything that is Totally Integrated Instrumentation. 

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