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SIMATIC Controllers

SIMATIC controllers from Siemens offer more than just powerful hardware for controlling all types of machines and plants.

The range includes the S7-1200 Basic Controllers, the S7-1500 Advanced Controllers as well as the S7-1500 Software Controllers, the LOGO Programmable Relays, as well as the S7-300 and S7-400 PLC systems. 

The capabilities of SIMATIC PLC technologies are constantly being expanded with new functions.

The Intelligent Choice for your Automation Tasks

Whether you’re looking for a compact basic controller with integrated technology and safety functions, powerful advanced controllers for the most demanding applications, software controllers for PC-based automation, or controllers for distributed architectures; the SIMATIC PLC Systems portfolio from Siemens contains the ideal controller for a wide range of automation applications.  

In addition to scalability, every controller offers integrated system functions like efficient engineering, high performance, an innovative design, a variety of diagnostics, Safety Integrated, Technology Integrated, and Security Integrated. This allows flexibility in the design or adaption of automation solutions, without the need to constantly accumulate additional expertise.

Furthermore, The SIMATIC hardware and software portfolio can be fully integrated into the TIA Portal which allows for efficient interoperability of all automation components making it easier than ever before to connect controllers, HMI's, Industrial PC's, Distributed IO systems and other automation and control equipment from Siemens so that you can fully optimise your automation environment and create genuine added value. 

More Performance, More Technology, More Motion

Machiners of the future and modern equipment often involve highly varied and demanding technical tasks. In cases like these, with SIMATIC Technology, a single CPU can be used to efficiently and cost-effectively implement a wide variety of application requirements for technological tasks, from Signal acquisition/output to Motion Control and Closed-loop/PID Control with consistent quality - all the way to serial communications.

For example, the Technology CPU of the Advanced S7-1500 controller opens up new possibilities for extended motion control functionalities, such as transmission and cam disk synchronisation and controls from 2D to 4D kinematics.

Further benefits of the S7-1500T includes:

  • One controller for standard, motion control and fail-safe automation tasks
  • Integrated cam editor for the graphical and parametric configuration and optimisation of cams
  • Adaptation and calculation of cams in the user program during ongoing operation

Explore the range of S7-1500T controllers that we have available here:

Future-proof solutions

Every machine or plant is different in terms of system performance needs and complexity. Requirements regarding technology and safety systems may be applied. With its comprehensive range of SIMATIC controllers, Siemens offers the perfect control solution for every application.

TIA Selection Tool

Need help selecting the correct automation device for your application or perhaps you need an easy way of configuring your system? 

To solve these challenges, we offer the TIA Selection Tool to support all project planners, beginners and experts alike. No detailed portfolio knowledge is necessary. The TIA Selection Tool is available for download as a free desktop version or a cloud variant. 

Quickly select your TIA devices in an easy and error-free manner. flawless configurations without the need for extensive product knowledge

Totally Integrated Automation

The SIMATIC automation family offers a wide, scalable hardware portfolio across various performance classes with integrated technology solutions for maximum integration and flexibility. All hardware has been integrated into the TIA Portal so that you can speed up your engineering processes and deliver your automation projects in a shorter timeframe with maximum efficiency.

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