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FL Switch 1000 & 1100 Series

The FL 1000 & 1100 Switch series are the latest generation of Unmanaged Ethernet Switches from Phoenix Contact. The plug-and-play capability of these devices offer an inexpensive option for basic & standard Industrial Ethernet applications.  

Compact, Reliable & Inexpensive

If you are looking for a series of reliable Unmanaged Ethernet Switches that can be simply unpacked, connected and used without any additional configuration effort, then you might consider the FL 1000 & 1100 Series from Phoenix Contact

These compact switches, that come with 5, 8 or 16 ports variants, feature an ultra-slim design allowing them to be installed within control cabinets where space is an absolute premium. 

All devices are equipped with status LEDs on the front and side of the switches for connection monitoring purposes. This allows users to quickly diagnose an interrupted connection .e.g. as a result of a faulty cable. 

Both classic Ethernet communication via copper cabling and long communication paths via fiberglass connections can be achieved using the FL 1000 & 1100 series. 

Prioritisation of data traffic

The new FL 1000 & 1100 Unmanaged Switch series also features enhanced data traffic prioritisation for automation protocols. The Quality of Service functionality and multicast filters like PTCP improve data traffic prioritisation in both PROFINET and EtherNet/IP™ networks. These features enable you to improve the stability of your network, whilst also increasing system availability. The Gigabit and Jumbo Frame variants can also support high bandwidth applications.

Truly Flexible Installation Options

Thanks to its unique mounting accessory, the FL 1000 & 1100 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch series can be easily mounted in a series of directions and orientations.

As a result, these devices can be mounted flat against the DIN rail which allows users to freely choose the outlet direction that they require.

This not only makes these robust devices very flexible to use and easy to install in a variety of application scenarios, but the smaller number of product variants can also help to reduce your inventory costs.

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