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Industrial BUS Cables

If you are looking for fast, safe and forward-thinking solutions for transferring data, then look no further than UNITRNOIC data cables from LAPP. 

This range of industrial fieldbus system cables include all protocol options such as; PROFIBUS, DeviceNET, CANOpen, and ASI bus. 


Networking Field Devices

Automated production lines still require an organised hierarchy of controller systems to function properly. Although Ethernet-based networks are becoming increasingly popular, there is still a place for FieldBus nertworks on the plantfloor. 

The primary use for industrial fieldbus systems involves connecting and controlling a network of field devices in real-time within a manufacturing plant. These devices include; sensors, actuators, motors, switches, drives and field controllers etc. Fieldbus needs only one communication point at the controller level, allowing hundreds of analogue & digital connections at the same time. As such, this reduces the length and amount of cable required.

However, an effective FieldBus network relies on a well constructed hierarchy of cables that work together to transmit data between the different levels of information and importance.  The UNITRONIC BUS cables from LAPP enable a high transmission rate and data flow which facilitates a smooth and reliable data exchange. 

Take it to the field

If you are looking to create Fieldbus communication network then why not select the UNITRONIC's range from LAPP which makes data communication at the field level possible. 

All standard BUS technologies

LAPP manufacturers all standard BUS cables for stationery and power chain applications including outdoor and direct burial. The range is also suitable for a wide range of uses, including under chemical and mechanical stress, in humid conditions and in various temperatures. 


PROFIBUS is a standard for fieldbus communications in automation technology and was first invented in 1989 by the German department of education and research (BMBF) before being widely adopted by Siemens. 

PROFIBUS supports fieldbus solutions both in factory and process automation as well as in motion control and safety-related tasks. Variants include PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA. The DP variant dominates worldwide with a bit rate of 1.5Mbit/s up to 12Mbit/s, whereas PA leads the process automation arena in Europe. 


DeviceNet is a low-level industrial application layer protocol originally created by Allen Bradley and now widely used by Rockwell Automation. 

Built on the standard Controller Area Network (CAN) physical communications standardm DeviceNet use CAN hardware to define an application layer protocol that structures the task of configuring, accessing and controlling industrial automation devices. 


The Actuator Sensor-Interface (ASi) is an open technology, originally developed by a partnership of 11 companies known for non-contact sensing devices. 

It can be used as a partner network for higher level fieldbus networks such as PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, and can also be used to create a low-cost remote I/O solution using a single two-conductor cable.


CANopen is a message-based protocol and device profile specification which built on the CAN protocol, developed for embedded networking applications. 

CANopen can be regarded as the application layer of small and medium-sized suppliers. It is the only independent industrial communication system not promoted by one market-leading company. It can also be regarded as the solution of system designers, because some machine builders have chosen this approach to be independent from suppliers.

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