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24 Volts Nonstop

Siemens SITOP power supplies are so much more than just a box that converts mains electricity into 24 volts DC to power a PLC or an HMI.

Today’s power supplies from Siemens help to minimise plant downtime due to their extremely high reliability rates and diagnostic capabilities, as well as having extremely high energy efficiency performance, meaning less wasted power in the form of heat.

SITOP - The Heart of Automation

What an optimal power supply looks like depends on numerous factors – size, power output, overload capacity and certification, to name but a few.

Thanks to their high reliability, the Siemens SITOP power supply units are globally recognised for their ability to cope with critical network conditions.The full range of switched-mode power supply units provides a controlled 24 V DC power supply as well as a wide-range input, outstanding load characteristics and all the relevant certifications,

Add-on modules prevent problems on the line or DC side. And when upgraded to an uninterruptible power supply, the 24-V power supply units bridge power failures for a period of seconds, minutes, or hours. 

In the event of a fault-specific overload or short circuit in the output circuit, selective disconnection of the feeder ensures continued operation, because the supply to other loads is maintained. 

And in terms of integration, complete integration in Totally Integrated Automation and the TIA Portal via PROFINET gives you unique opportunities for engineering and diagnostics. 

SITOP PSU8600 is Fully Integrated

If you are looking for a power supply that is truly future-proof, then the SITOP PSU8600 power supply system is just what you need. 

The PSU8600 system includes the basic SITOP PSU8600 units, the SITOP CNX8600 expansion units, the SITOP BUF8600 buffer modules, and the SITOP UPS8600 UPS module with BAT8600 battery modules. 

The PSU8600's Ethernet/PROFINET interface makes integration in networked machines and systems easy and the OPC UA Interface also allows the system to effectively communicates with systems from other manufacturers. 

Its communication options enable control and monitoring of the entire power supply system via a single Ethernet connection, which includes adjusting the voltage/current setting of the output supply from the PLC, and full automatically generated system diagnostics for any detected fault.

Bringing Production to Life

For decades, SITOP – the heart of automation – has been bringing production plants to life. The complete, precisely coordinated range of products guarantees a reliable power supply, and is especially suited to the growing demands of our time.

TIA Selection Tool

Need help selecting the correct automation device for your application or perhaps you need an easy way of configuring your system? 

To solve these challenges, we offer the TIA Selection Tool to support all project planners, beginners and experts alike. No detailed portfolio knowledge is necessary. The TIA Selection Tool is available for download as a free desktop version or a cloud variant. 

Quickly select your TIA devices in an easy and error-free manner. flawless configurations without the need for extensive product knowledge

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