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Turning up the temperature on efficiency

Faster processes, higher product quality and lower costs - temperature measurement is at the foundation of your process plant’s operations. All devices within the Siemens SITRANS T portfolio of temperature sensors and transmitters can be easily integrated into any application.

Whether you need instrumentation that is intrinsically safe or field devices that can withstand extreme conditions, the SITRANS T portfolio contains a device for every requirement.

The portfolio includes sensors, transmitters for head, rail and field mounting, as well as complete measuring points. Combine this with an entire range of communications options which provides you with complete integration of field devices into your plant. 

All SITRANS temperature measuring devices can also be connected to many different thermocouples and resistance themometres, as well as mV and resistance sensors. 

Temperature firmly under control

Top process quality and efficiency are key factors for success in the process industry, and achieving them requires absolutely accurate and reliable process instrumentation. The best example of this is SITRANS T, our comprehensive product family for temperature measurement.

SITRANS TH: Head Transmitters

The SITRANS TH are the smallest devices in the temperature measurement family and are suitable for everything from simple applications right up to integration into PROFIBUS and FOUNDATION Fieldbus networks. 

SITRANS TR & TW: Rail Transmitters

SITRANS TR and SITRANS TW and the universal specialists in DIN rail transmitters that produce comprehensive diagnostic and simulation capabilities. The SITRANS TR transmitters require no auxiliary power supply when connected directly in the 4 to 20 mA loop. 

SITRANS TF: Field Transmitters

The SITRANS TF range are the perfect field transmitters for rugged industrial environments. These devices measure signals from resistance thermometers, resistance-type sensors, thermocoupples and voltage sensors, and converts the signal into direct current signal (HART) or bus signal in accordance with the sensor characteristics. 

SITRANS TO: Fibre Optic Temperature Measurement

The SITRANS TO500 multipoint measuring system comprising of; a read-out unit, the transmitter, and a narrow fibre-optic temperature measuring lance which can each be connected to a maximum of 48 temperature sensors on the transmitter at four channels. 

SITRANS TS: Temperature Sensors

The SITRANS TS Temperature Sensors are the perfect basis for precise and safe temperature measurement. The RTD's and Thermocouples support a broad range of applications throuhgout the process industries as more robust variants for hars ennviornmental conditions are also available. 

Process Instrumentation Configurator

Selecting the correct field instrument to effectively measure your processes can be incredibly difficult and it is easy to accidentally specify the wrong device. That is why the PIA Lifecycle tool simplifies this by allowing you to configure a selected product step by step and utilise the integrated configuration knowledge to avoid errors.  

Configure your field devices

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