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Certified Safety

The primary objective of automation  safety is to avoid hazardous situations that pose health risks to humans but demonstrating compliance doesn't have to be a complex task.

SICK's functional safety offering will provide you with the technology that you need to keep your people safe. This includes a comprehensive range of safety sensors, actuators, safety relays, and safety controllers for highly effective, fully compliant safety solutions. 

Industrial Safety Systems for Machine Safeguarding

The interaction between humans and machines is playing an ever-growing role in the performance and productivity of a manufacturing plant. Therefore, machinery safety and the protection of industrial workers is essential for productive business operations. 

However, it has previously been suggested that effective machinery safeguards can impinge upon productiviy. Yet, SICK's whole philosphy on industrial safety focuses on developing a harmonious relationship between functional safety and operational efficiency. 

Whether you are looking for safety interlocking technology such as; non-contact safety switches & guard locking devices, or opto-electronic protective devices including; safety laser scanners and safety light curtains, SICK can provide you with the everything you need to create a full safety control system that adheres to international safety standards, without compromising your productivity.

Functional safety with safetyIQ

The introduction of smart manufacturing systems in production facilities, such as collaborative robots and automated guided vehicles, are resulting in rapidly changing work conditions, and the requirements for operational safety will have to adapt to these new conditions. The interaction between humans and machines will continue to play an ever-growing role in performance and productivity in industrial environments.

To meet these new demands, a constant overview of the entire safety chain will be required. The interaction between humans and machines is playing an ever-growing role in performance and productivity in industrial environments.

As one of the world's technology and market leaders for intelligent sensors in industrial automation, SICK possesses extensive knowledge for equipping machines and plants in a wide range of different industries. SafetyIQ is an innovative approach that opens up new dimensions of productivity while continuing to focus on our key concern: protecting people.

SafetyIQ is the key to creating effective flexible safety solutions for the factories of the future. 

Eliminating Fault Masking

The risk of fault masking becomes highly problematic in safety systems whereby the safety switches, with volt-free contacts, are wired in a series connection. However, SICK can provide you with knowledge and the right technology so that you can eliminate the risk of fault masking. 

Flexi Soft Designer

The strength of the Flexi Soft Designer configuration tool is that it enables users to create easy and straightforward configurations for the Flexi Soft safety controller.

Only three steps are needed (hardware configuration, logic creation and transfer, and verification) to produce the configuration.

Safety by design

Flexible Safety Control

Conventional safety solutions normally stop a machine completely when a person enters a hazardous area. The resulting machine downtime always reduces productivity significantly. The Flexi Soft Safe Motion Control modules puts an end to the either/or decision between protecting personnel or ensuring efficiency as they monitor machine or drive movements by detecting the speed and/or position – regardless of whether the movements are linear or rotative.

In addition, Flexi Loop is the smart solution for connecting safety switches and safety sensors in series within a machine and offers more diagnostics options than conventional series connection.

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