SIMATIC IDENT Webinar - 28th June

Join us and our partners at Siemens UK for a live webinar which explores the SIMATIC IDENT portfolio and how you can use the SIMATIC MV camera system to keep a watchful eye over your production & logistics. 

Set your sights on operational traceability 

If you want to ensure complete traceability of products and components along your entire manufacturing, procurement and shipping process; this is exactly where the SIMATIC MV camera systems from Siemens come into play.

A complete, scalable portfolio of high-performing, flexible optical readers that enable fast reading and verification of 1D/2D codes, optical character recognition (OCR) and object recognition on a varied selection of surfaces, even under challenging ambient conditions.

But, optical identification is just one facet of the SIMATIC IDENT family. That's why we will be providing you with a glimpse at the full SIMATIC IDENT portfolio on our live webinar including; optical identification, RFID and Real-Time Locating Systems.

The webinar will also include:

  • A deep dive into the MV500 and MV530 camera systems
  • A live demonstration of how an MV530 integrates into TIA Portal
  • A peak at the RF1000 system for secure machine access control

Want to know more?

If you want to read up on the SIMATIC IDENT range from Siemens ahead of the webinar, then its worth downloading this overview brochure. 

Get a sense for SIMATIC MV camera systems

The video below is a quick application example that showcases how the "Pat-Genius" functionality of the SIMATIC MV500 optical readers can used for object and position detection but also for Pick&Place applications such as quality control in production, position detection in feeding technology as well as how you can achieve quantity monitoring within your industrial facilities. 

Ready to improve product traceability?

To sign-up for our 45 minute SIMATIC IDENT webinar on Tuesday 28th June, all you have to do is click the button below and fill in a very short form. 

From here, we will save you a spot and one of the Underwoods team will send you an outlook calendar invite that contains the meeting link within 1-2 days of your registration. 

Together - we can engineer the future 

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