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Current monitoring relay for IO-Link, attachable to contactor 3RT2, spring-type connection system

Current monitoring relay for IO-Link, attachable to contactor 3RT2, spring-type connection system


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Product Details

Current monitoring relay for IO-Link, can be mounted to Contactor, 3RT2, Size S2 Apparant/active current monitoring 8-80 A, 20-400 Hz, 3-phase Supply voltage 24 V DC 1 change-over contact Monitoring for Current overshoot and undershoot Current asymmetry Phase failure, Cable break Phase sequence, Residual current Blocking current, Switching cycle and Operating hours counter Warning and alarm thresholds Auto-reset or manual reset ON delay 0-9999.9 s OFF delay 0-9999.9 s Reclosing delay 0-300 min spring-type connection system Monitoring relays SIRIUS 3RR2 for plugging into SIRIUS 3RT2 contactors or for stand-alone installation for multi-phase current monitoring of the entire plant or of the driven process. The reliable monitoring for cable break, phase failure / sequence, fault current, motor blocking etc. ensures increased plant availability. Actual value displays, status messages and clear error messages permit fast and reliable diagnostics. The connection to the control via IO-Link is also possible. You also save money, as only one device is needed to monitor a motor along the entire torque curve and no separate current converter is required either. Thanks to the direct attachment to the 3RT2 contactors there is no additional wiring expense in the main circuit. You also benefit from the wide-range power supplies for global use. Analogically adjustable, 2-phase versions and digitally adjustable, 3-phase versions (with or without IO-Link) are available, each in three sizes with different current measuring ranges, with two different supply voltages and two types of connection. Matching holders are available for the stand-alone installation of the 3RR2 monitoring relays. SIRIUS relays - one range for every application.

Product Specifications

  • Contains function DC-voltage over current
  • Contains function DC-voltage under current
  • Current measurement range (A)
    8 - 80
  • Depth (mm)
  • Function DC-current hysteresis
  • Max. permitted delay-on energization time (s)
  • Max. permitted off-delay time (s)
  • Min. adjustable delay-on energization time (s)
  • Min. adjustable off-delay time (s)
  • Number of contacts as change-over contact
  • Number of contacts as normally closed contact
  • Number of contacts as normally open contact
  • Rated control supply voltage Us at DC (V)
    24 - 24
  • Single-phase hysteresis possible
  • Single-phase over current possible
  • Single-phase under current possible
  • Three-phase hysteresis possible
  • Three-phase over current possible
  • Three-phase under current possible
  • Type of electric connection
    Screw connection
  • Voltage type for actuating
  • Width (mm)
  • With detachable clamps