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Safety position switch, metal enclosure 40 mm, EN50041, 1 NO/2 NC

Safety position switch, metal enclosure 40 mm, EN50041, 1 NO/2 NC


Part No: 3SE51150QV101AD1

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Product Details

Safety position switch with separate actuator Metal enclosure, 40 mm according to EN 50041 1 NO/2 NC slow-action contacts with connector 6+PE according to EN 43651 plastic, max. 250 V, 6 A 5 directions of approaches Pin assignment: Pin1=21, Pin2=22 Pin3=13, Pin4=14, Pin5=31 Pin6=32 and PE connected the matching separate Actuator 3SE5000-0AV0 must be ordered separately Mechanical safety switches SIRIUS 3SE5 for position monitoring of moving protection equipment, e.g. doors, covers, or protective grilles. The actuator heads with screwless mounting can be rotated by 4x90 degrees. Five directions of approach are possible for the actuator, one of which is from the front. The contact blocks ensure an extremely high contact stability and can only be switched with separately coded actuators that guarantee greater protection against manipulation. LEDs indicate the current state of the device. Operating points and mounting in accordance with EN 50047 and EN 50041. The devices have worldwide approval (IEC, UL). With the corresponding switch configuration, the highest safety requirements specified by PL e or SIL 3 can be met. The integrated ASIsafe electronics requires a low current input. Various enclosure sizes, with different contacts, are available in plastic or metal. An extensive range of 3D-coded actuators is available. Some versions are optionally available with an LED status display, M12 plug or locking device. The 3SF1 series with direct connection to the AS-Interface bus system completes the portfolio. The actuator is not included in the scope of delivery of the safety switches and must be ordered separately. Plug-in connectors and other mounting/connection accessories are available as accessories. Safety is a SIRIUS business.

Product Specifications

  • Ambient temperature during operating (°C)
    -25 - 85
  • Construction type housing
  • Degree of protection (IP)
  • Explosion safety category for dust
  • Explosion safety category for gas
  • Forced opening
  • Height of sensor (mm)
  • Length of sensor (mm)
  • Material housing
  • Number of contacts as change-over contact
  • Number of contacts as normally closed contact
  • Number of contacts as normally open contact
  • Number of safety auxiliary contacts
  • Rated operation current Ie at AC-15, 125 V (A)
  • Rated operation current Ie at AC-15, 230 V (A)
  • Rated operation current Ie at AC-15, 24 V (A)
  • Rated operation current Ie at DC-13, 125 V (A)
  • Rated operation current Ie at DC-13, 230 V (A)
  • Rated operation current Ie at DC-13, 24 V (A)
  • Suitable for safety functions
  • Type of electric connection
  • Type of interface
  • Type of interface for safety communication
  • Type of switching contact
    Slow-action switch
  • With status indication