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SIMOTICS S-1FK2 HD, SINAMICS S210 3AC 400V-480V, 1.27 Nm, 3000 rpm

SIMOTICS S-1FK2 HD, SINAMICS S210 3AC 400V-480V, 1.27 Nm, 3000 rpm


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Product Details

SIMOTICS S-1FK2 HD Servo motor M0=1.27 Nm PN = 0.4 kW at nN=3000 rpm (380-480 V) PN = 0.2 kW at nN=1500 rpm (200-240 V) Degree of protection IP65 Shaft D19x40 mm with feather key Absolute encoder single-turn 22-bit (encoder AS22DQC) With OCC interface Connector size M17, rotatable Servo motor SIMOTICS S-1FK2 for a wide range of uses in industrial environments. SIMOTICS S†1FK2 servomotors are compact synchronous motors with a high dynamic performance that set themselves apart as a result of their high power density, degree of protection and overload capability. The motors are available in two variants: as High Dynamic variant (highest dynamic performance as a result of the low intrinsic moment of inertia for applications demanding a high dynamic performance with low moved masses) - and as Compact variant (precise and stable closed-loop control for medium up to large moved masses as a result of a medium intrinsic moment of inertia). SIMOTICS S†1FK2 servomotors fully exploit their strengths in a system with the SINAMICS S210 converter and simple connection using the one cable connection (OCC): Advantages include the short control and positioning times, fast and precise correction of disturbing quantities as well as stable control with a high dynamic performance. The servo motors can be configured to address a wide range of requirements. For example with and without holding brake, IP64 or IP65 degree of protection, singleturn or multiturn absolute encoders - to name just a few. Further, the servomotors are available with a range of shaft heights extending from 20 to 100. A shaft sealing ring is available to achieve an IP65 degree of protection and for subsequent mounting at the motor or as spare part. SIMOTICS †the optimum motor for each and every motion control application.

Product Specifications

  • Breakdown torque ratio
  • Frame size acc. to IEC (mm)
  • Full-load efficiency (%)
  • Nominal rated current (A)
  • Nominal rated frequency (Hz)
  • Nominal rated voltage (V)
  • Number of phases
  • Number of poles
  • Operation temperature (°C)
  • Output power anti-condensation heater (W)
  • Overload capability
  • Power factor
  • Rated performance at rated frequency (kW)
  • Rated rotational speed at rated frequency (opm)
  • Starting current ratio
  • Starting torque ratio
  • Suitable for frequency control
  • Voltage anti-condensation heater (V)
  • With anti-condensation
  • With positive temperature coefficient resistor (PTC)
  • With resistance temperature detector (RTD)