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SINAMICS PM250, IP20 / UL open type, FSE, A, 380-480 V 3 AC, 45,00 kW

SINAMICS PM250, IP20 / UL open type, FSE, A, 380-480 V 3 AC, 45,00 kW


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Product Details

SINAMICS G120 POWER MODULE PM250 WITH BUILT IN CL. A FILTER POSSIBILITY OF REGENERATION 3AC380-480V +10/-10% 47-63HZ OUTPUT HIGH OVERLOAD: 37KW FOR 200% 3S,150% 57S,100% 240S AMBIENT TEMP 0 TO +50 DEG C OUTPUT LIGHT OVERLOAD: 45KW FOR 150% 3S,110% 57S,100% 240S AMBIENT TEMP 0 TO +40 DEG C 635 X 275 X 204 (HXWXD), FSE PROTECTION IP20 WITHOUT CONTROL UNIT AND BOP Power Module SINAMICS PM250 Power Module with degree of protection IP20 for the SINAMICS G120 modular frequency converter. The Power Modules are suitable for numerous applications in general machine manufacturing. Any braking energy that occurs is fed directly back into the supply system (four-quadrant applications - no braking chopper required). The PM250 Power Module contains a worldwide unique technology, the Efficient Infeed Technology. With the regenerative capability implemented in this way, energy is fed back into the supply system in generator mode (electronic braking) and not dissipated in a braking resistor, which saves space in the cabinet. The work involved in dimensioning the braking resistor and the associated wiring is eliminated and the heat arising in the cabinet is also reduced. The innovative circuitry also reduces line harmonics and the use of an optional line reactor at the line input is unnecessary. This saves space and work in planning and procurement. The permissible cable lengths between the converter and the motor are limited. To be able to achieve longer cable lengths, output reactors can be connected. The PM250 Power Module is also suitable for use in safety-related applications. If combined with a failsafe control unit, the result is a Safety Integrated Drive. The PM250 Power Modules are available in a three-phase voltage range between 380 V and 480 V and in the frame sizes FSC to FSF. Frame sizes FSD to FSF are available both without and with an integrated Class A line filter. For frame size FSC with an integrated Class A line filter, there is an additional base filter to achieve Class B. The PM250 Power Modules with an integrated Class A line filter are suitable for connection to TN systems those without an integrated line filter are suitable for connection to grounded TN/TT and ungrounded IT systems. Shield plates and shield connection kits are available for use when wiring the Control Units and Power Modules to ensure compliance with EMC guidelines. SINAMICS †simply my drive!

Product Specifications

  • 4-quadrant operation possible
  • Application in domestic- and commercial area permitted
  • Application in industrial area permitted
  • Degree of protection (IP)
  • Depth (mm)
  • Integrated breaking resistance
  • Mains frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • Mains voltage (V)
    380 - 480
  • Max. output at linear load at rated output voltage (kW)
  • Max. output at quadratic load at rated output voltage (kW)
  • Max. output frequency (Hz)
  • Max. output voltage (V)
  • Number of phases input
  • Number of phases output
  • Rated output current I2N (A)
  • Relative symmetric net current tolerance (%)
  • Relative symmetric net frequency tolerance (%)
  • Supporting protocol for EtherNet/IP
  • Supporting protocol for MODBUS
  • Supporting protocol for PROFIBUS
  • Supporting protocol for PROFINET IO
  • Supporting protocol for TCP/IP
  • Type of converter
    U converter
  • Width (mm)
  • With control unit
  • With optical interface
  • With PC connection