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SIPLUS S7-1500 AQ 4xU/I ST -40 ... +70 °C based on 6ES7532-5HD00-0AB0

SIPLUS S7-1500 AQ 4xU/I ST -40 ... +70 °C based on 6ES7532-5HD00-0AB0


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Product Details

SIPLUS S7-1500 AO 4xU/I ST -40 °C ... +70°C with conformal coating based on 6ES7532-5HD00-0AB0 . Analog output module 16 bit resolution, Accuracy 0.3%. 4 channels in groups of 4, diagnostics substitute value incl. infeed element, shield bracket and shield terminal The SIMATIC ET 200MP is a modular and scalable I/O system with IP20 for universal use, and offers the same system advantages as the S7-1500. It permits the shortest bus cycle times and fastest response times, even with large volumes of data. The distributed I/O system is particularly easy to install, wire, and commission. Thanks to its scalable design, you can gear the IO station exactly to the on-site requirements. Just like the CPU, the analog output modules are also protected against extreme ambient conditions. Due to the 100% conformal coating they can withstand biologically, chemically and physically active substances, condensation, frost, and corrosive gases. Regardless of the conditions, your analog signals are reliably output.

Product Specifications

  • Analog inputs configurable
  • Analog outputs configurable
  • Appendant operation agent (Ex ia)
  • Appendant operation agent (Ex ib)
  • Depth (mm)
  • Explosion safety category for dust
  • Input signal, configurable
  • Input, current
  • Input, resistance thermometer
  • Input, resistor
  • Input, thermocouple
  • Input, voltage
  • Number of analogue inputs
  • Number of analogue outputs
  • Output signal configurable
  • Output, current
  • Output, voltage
  • Resolution of the analogue inputs (Bit)
  • Resolution of the analogue outputs (Bit)
  • Suitable for safety functions
  • Width (mm)