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24V Basic Power Supplies

The Siemens SITOP LITE  is a range of highly reliable 24V basic power supplies at an incredibly competitive, discounted price point.

If you are looking for a 24V, 1-phase DC power supply, then the SITOP Lite product portfolio from Siemens is definitely worth considering. 

Low-cost 1 Phase Power Supplies

From just £22.50

The SITOP LITE range of regulated 24 V power supplies are designed for standard requirements in industrial environments and provide all important functions at a low cost.

The wide-range input with manual switchover supports connection to a variety of 1-phase supply systems. and the SITOP LIte's high degree of efficiency results in low power consumption and heat loss in the control cabinet.

Their compact design means that the fanless primary switched-mode regulators take up little space on the DIN rail and do not require lateral clearance to neighbouring devices. 

Cost Effective Power

If you are looking for a reliable primary switched-mode regulator for limited budgets, then the SITOP Lite range is the ideal collection of basic power supplies are worth taking a look at. To further availability, these units can be combined with DC UPS, redundancy and selectivity modules.


SITOP PSU100L - 24V DC 2.5 A 

  • Input: 120/230 V AC
  • Output: 24 V /2.5 A D

£22.50  (List Price £50.00)



  • Input: 120/230 V AC
  • Output: 24 V /5 A DC

£25.00  (List Price £71.00)


SITOP PSU100L - 24V DC 10A

  • Input: 120/230 V AC
  • Output: 24 V /10 A DC

£49.00  (List Price £101.00)


SITOP PSU100L - 24V DC 20A

  • Input: 120/230 V AC
  • Output: 24 V /20 A DC

£75.00  (List Price £152.00)

Looking for Support?

If you are looking for further information on any of the SITOP Lite Power Supplies that are currently on offer, for ordering or stock availability information, or if you want to discuss a particular application that you have in mind - feel free to contact us and one of our local sales engineers from your local Underwoodas branch will be in touch shortly. 

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