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Monitor what Matters with SIRIUS

Motor protection, monitoring, and control at the highest levels: SIRIUS Monitor solutions ensure a totally economical and reliable operation, comply with international standards, and maintain your machines’ safety.

Everything you need for Monitoring & Responding

Solutions from the comprehensive SIRIUS Monitoring devices for protecting, monitoring, and controlling motors are key to ensuring the safest and most economical production possible. 

These devices include monitoring relays for speed, current and temperature control, signal conditioners, as well as motor management with the infamous SIMOCODE pro range. 

Detailed operational, service, and diagnostic data is available both locally and globally, even for cloud-based applications like MindSphere. Thanks to appropriate data analyses, superior availability can be guaranteed and predictive maintenance can be implemented at optimised intervals.

Thanks to range's modular design and consistent functionality, SIRIUS monitoring devices are flexibly expandable, while engineering and training expenditures are kept to a minimum.

Relays for each and every application

Whether compact timing or reliable monitoring relays, particularly narrow coupling relays, plug-in relays, low-noise power relays or signal converter our relay range is the most complete and comprehensive portfolio on the market. 

The extensive relay range has been expanded to include a multifunctional load monitoring relay for DC applications. This is a compact device in which functions such as measuring, monitoring and data transfer are bundled.

IO-Link Communication enabling Predictive Maintenance

SIRIUS relays from Siemens offer maximum machine and system protection and now also communicate with the control level thanks to IO-Link. These IO-Link enabled relays can precisely monitor line quality, voltages, speed, current and temperatures values.

Moreover, this will also significantly simplify  device replacement – thanks to data comparison and automatic re-parameterisation via parameter servers.

Uniform Industrial Controls

The first choice for electrical engineers worldwide: Siemens’ all-inclusive portfolio of groundbreaking industrial controls with consistently coordinated components for all starting, protecting, switching, commanding, signaling, monitoring, and responding applications. 

Quick Selection & Configuration

Planning and implementing a project can be complicated and time-consuming. Intelligent configurators and selection tools save you time and increase quality.

The TIA Selection Tool allows you to configure the automation and drive portfolio including SIRIUS industrial controls.

Monitoring, Controlling & Switching

Every engineer knows that he must be completely up to date when it comes to controls, load feeders and drives. However, with coupling, control and monitoring relays, the search among the various suppliers becomes time-consuming. This is now a thing of the past as Siemens have combined all these products into its SIRIUS Monitor range. 

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