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Start your Motors with SIRIUS Hybrid

Optimally starting your motors is effortless with the ultra-compact and durable SIRIUS motor starters and soft staters that includes innovative hybrid technology for efficient, energy-saving switching.

The most ingenious way to start motors

Soft starters, motor starters and solid-state switching devices from the extensive SIRIUS Hybrid portfolio play a crucial role in creating a better, faster, safer, more flexible and efficient production. Innovative hybrid switching technology is at the heart of every device which ensures highly efficient, energy-saving switching, These devices are low-maintenance, durable, and their exceptionally compact designs save space in the control panel.

For example, the hybrid switching technology combines the best of relay and semiconductor switching technology: The devices switch electronically via the integrated power semiconductor, and then low-loss electromechanical bypass contacts take over the current flow during operation. 

Furthermore, the spectrum of the SIRIUS 3RW soft starters ranges from 2-phase controlled devices for standard applications all the way to high-performance 3-phase controlled equipment for demanding tasks. It covers all power ranges from 1.5 to 1200 kW and is therefore ideal for creating cost-optimized and suitable drive solutions for any application.

3RW55 Soft Starters Media Redundancy

SIRIUS 3RW55 soft starters provide media redundancy thanks to the new Profinet High Feature communication module and its integrated Ethernet switch. 

It provides a ring topology in which communication can be maintained via a second port even if the power fails.

Electrical Ruggedness

All SIRIUS soft starter have a wide-range voltage versions, so that even if there is a voltage dip, the continued operation of the soft starter, the motor and the application is ensured. 

This level of electrical ruggedness means that operation is secured even in power supply systems with sporadic voltage dips.

Hybrid Industrial Controls

With their numerous benefits, SIRIUS Hybrid soft starters and motor starters are a key part of the perfect control panel, from design and function to cost-effectiveness. So if you are looking to control perfection- its time get SIRIUS. 

Quick Selection & Configuration

Planning and implementing a project can be complicated and time-consuming. Intelligent configurators and selection tools save you time and increase quality.

The TIA Selection Tool allows you to configure the automation and drive portfolio including SIRIUS industrial controls.

Useful Downloads

Companies in all industrial sectors are faced with the challenge of ensuring the efficient operation of electric motors in a host of applications. As a result, it is often difficult to decide between a frequency converter or a soft starter. Whatever constraints you face, Siemens offers you the best drive solution for your motors. 

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