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Always in-Control with SIRIUS

SIRIUS Control offers the largest available switching device portfolio in the market. A completely new generation of circuit breakers, contactors, overload relays and load feeders in seven sizes up to 250 kW is ready for use

Controlling & Protecting Perfection

Building control cabinets must be fast, simple, flexible and space-saving but how can this all be achieved?

SIRIUS Control offers the largest available switching device portfolio in the market. A completely new generation of circuit breakers, contactors, overload relays and load feeders in seven sizes up to 250 kW is ready for use

Designing the optimum control panel with SIRIUS control gear has never been easier,  as the harmonised portfolio boasts a modular design of space saving products. You also benefit from more than 50,000 pretested and approved combinations for the most common applications. High quality CAx data simplifies electrical engineering and saves you time during panel building.

If you need to build reliable, safe, and efficient control cabinets that also function perfectly under extreme ambient conditions, you’re on the safe side for every application with the extremely robust and durable.control components portfolio from Siemens . 

SIRIUS Modular System

When it comes to control panel construction, control components must not only constitute high-performance hardware, but also facilitate fast, economical and standard-compliant planning and construction of the end product

This is why the unique SIRIUS modular system offers everything you need for switching, protecting, and starting motors and systems. In other words, it provides a modular range of standard components up to 250 kW/ 400 V in only seven sizes, which are perfectly matched to one another, can be combined really easily, and largely use the same accessories.

The SIRIUS system also provide a wide range of components with a series of diverse functions for use in the control cabinet, and offers a host of benefits in assembly and handling, in application monitoring, and also in controller interfacing, or when planning and configuring. 

Pure Functionality

No matter what machine you are planning, the SIRIUS modular system covers all applications for switching, protecting, starting and monitoring of motors, be it standard or extreme as well as IE3/IE4motors.

It offers the highest performance-to-size ratio anywhere in the world,which saves valuable space in the control cabinet. In addition, factory-assembled combinations result in time savings when configuring, ordering and installation.

Proven System Characteristics

The strength of the SIRIUS system lies in its modular construction across all sizes, thanks to an extensive range of accessories. Plug-in function modules for AS-i and IO-Link reduce the wiring overhead, and the optional bundling further reduces space requirements. 

Feedback messages from the load feeders ensure higher transparency, and it’s also possible to connect to energy management systems.A variety of monitoring functions also high operational reliability and can be used for prevenatative maintenance.

Efficient Planning & Engineering

Thanks to digitalisation, the SIRIUS system provides many advantages to control panel designers for planning and engineering. Comprehensive data – including 3D models and macros for the leading CAE systems enable simple and error-free planning and system documentation.

All components are standard-compliant and tested for extreme operating conditions, making them suitable for use worldwide for all applications. Furthermore, the TIA Selection Tool allows free configurator for quickly generating automation components. 

Looking for more control?

The strength of the  SIRIUS system lies in its modular construction. All control products provide built-in intelligence, connectivity, and remote diagnostics for more operating efficiency, visibility, reliability, and flexibility boosting output and profitability.

Quick Selection & Configuration

Planning and implementing a project can be complicated and time-consuming. Intelligent configurators and selection tools save you time and increase quality.

The TIA Selection Tool allows you to configure the automation and drive portfolio including SIRIUS industrial controls.

Uniform Industrial Controls

The first choice for electrical engineers worldwide: Siemens’ all-inclusive portfolio of groundbreaking industrial controls with consistently coordinated components for all starting, protecting, switching, commanding, signaling, monitoring, and responding applications. 

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