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Commanding and Signalling with SIRIUS

SIRIUS command, signaling and detecting devices are first choice wherever information is exchanged between humans and machines.

Commanding, Signalling & Detecting in Style

From pushbuttons and indicator lights,through to cable and foot-operated switches and signaling columns; the comprehensive SIRIUS Command portfolio contains the right command and signaling device for every communication situation between human and machines. 

All devices excel with their easy handling as they can be mounted quickly and without errors. Another  major benefit of the devices, which are perfectly designed down to the last detail, is their excellent suitability and robustness for the special requirements of many different industries.

With their numerous benefits – from excellent design and reliability to cost-effectiveness – SIRIUS command and signaling devices are a key part of the perfect control panel. So if you are looking to control perfection, then you need SIRIUS industrial controls.

Robust and Secure

Heat, cold, water spray, dust, and shock are typically unavoidable in many industrial processes. But SIRIUS command and signaling devices continue to operate operate reliably and error-free under even the harshest conditions.

Even oils, caustic solutions and extreme environmental influences cannot disrupt the reliable operation of SIRIUS ACT push buttons and indicator lamps that are constructed with genuine metal and high-grade plastics.

Flexible Communication Options

When it comes to communication, SIRIUS Commnd is a strong performer. Besides the standard wiring, you can also connect the push buttons and signaling devices directly to the controller – in the field or control panel via PROFINET, AS-Interface and IO-Link. 

The advantage is a reduction in the wiring overhead, fewer sources of faults and greater flexibility in the event of changes. 

Stylish and Easy to Assemble

All SIRIUS command and signaling devices, from push buttons and integrated signal lamps to cable-operated switches and signaling columns, can be mounted easily and quickly without errors. 

Furthermore, SIRIUS ACT offers four design lines and a host of options for combining actuators and indicators, material, color, type of front ring and lighting with high luminosity provides all you need for an optimum system design.

Performance in Action

Powerful machines need powerful controls. SIRIUS ACT offers you a unique portfolio of elegantly designed push buttons, indicator lights and switches that are the perfect embodiment of style, intelligence, and physical toughness that have been engineered with smart functions and communication capabilities,

Quick Selection & Configuration

Planning and implementing a project can be complicated and time-consuming. Intelligent configurators and selection tools save you time and increase quality.

The TIA Selection Tool allows you to configure the automation and drive portfolio including SIRIUS industrial controls.

Uniform Industrial Controls

The first choice for electrical engineers worldwide: Siemens’ all-inclusive portfolio of groundbreaking industrial controls with consistently coordinated components for all starting, protecting, switching, commanding, signaling, monitoring, and responding applications. 

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