As an introductory offer to new users of the Sirius ACT industrial controls range with Profinet , our partners at Siemens UK will be giving away the Terminal modules and ribbon cable free of charge when you buy the interface modules. 

Performance in Action with SIRIUS ACT

Sirius ACT with direct Profinet connection is a particularly innovative way of connecting the push buttons, selector swicthes, and key-operated switches directly to the controller in the field or cabinet via Profinet. 

Thanks to the Profinet communication interface, you can create simple combinations of push button controls and signalling devices, HMI touch screens and Industrial PCs.

This means that you can set up complex input stations without the extensive wiring and engineering effort when compared to standard wiring.  

Installation is simplified with the ribbon cable technology as no special tooling is required which saves considerable wiring effort.

  • Fewer error sources during installation and commissioning
  • High flexibility for modifications due to the modular plug-in design
  • Safety Integrated: Emergency Stop incorporated via PROFIsafe
  • Extended diagnostics and parameterisation options through integration in the TIA Portal

Push the Button on this Promotional Offer

This introductory offer from our partners at Siemens UK provides new customers,that have never used SIRIUS ACT with Profinet, with FREE terminal modules and the ribbon cable when purchasing the interface modules.  

There are three versions of the interface modules, two are standard versions and one is a fail-safe option specifically for safety-related applications. 

You can connect a maximum of 20 additional devices from the interface module using just a single IP address

Integrating flexible communication solutions for the field and the control panel has never been easier, but this promotional offer is only available for a limited time - so try SIRIUS ACT with Profinet out while stocks last. 

Profinet on the Button

Commanding and signaling devices have always been the "direct link" to the machine or system – whether pressed, turned or signaling a specific status. SIRIUS ACT with Profinet allows you to take full advantage of digital technology in both standard and fail-safe automation. 

SIRIUS ACT - Profinet Interface Modules

The Interface modules that are available include:

Standard IM, 24 V DC, 1–20 TMs connectable

Standard IM, 24 V DC, 4 DI, 1 DQ, 1 AI, 1–20 TMs connectable

Fail-safe IM F, 24 V DC, 4 DI, 1 DQ, 1 AI, 1–20 TMs connectable

Want to take advantage of this promotional offer?

If you are looking for less wiring and more flexibility from your commanding and signalling devices, then SIRIUS ACT in combination with these Profinet modules can help you achieve this, while boosting your communication capability.  

Follow the link below and request a quotation from your local Underwoods branch where one of your local sales engineers will be more than happy to help you with your enquiry.  

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