Optical Identification Systems

If you are looking to facilitate complete traceability of products and components along the entire manufacturing, procurement and shipping process, then the SIMATIC MV540 optical readers for high-performance image capturing could be exactly what you need.

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Keeping a Watchful Eye on Production & Logistics

Product traceability in both production and logistics facilities is being rapidly deployed as manufacturers and end-customers want to know where their products or components are in the supply chain, as well as what condition it is in.

The SIMATIC MV540 optical readers enables the seamless tracking and tracing of products or processes as they are capable of reading both simple, high-contrast 1D/2D codes as well as difficult-to-read DPM codes applied straight onto different product surfaces. 

The MV540's higher computing power significantly speeds up the reading process to up to 80 reads per second and its powerful lenses with electronic focus enable focus changes within 200 milliseconds.

  • Integrated lighting and powerful image capture at different resolutions
  • One-button configuration for fast commissioning
  • 1GB large working memory extends the AutoTrigger function 
  • Switchable polarisation fliters for eliminating reflections
  • Flexibly controllable, built-in ring lights with separately configurable light segments
  • Maximum system reliability and system security

The Future is in the Cloud

Maintaining a constant overview of the entire production and supply chain means dealing with staggering volumes of data, but the analysis and utilisation of your production data can open unimaginable potential. 

The SIMATIC MV500 series of optical readers in conjunction with the Mindsphere cloud-based, open operating system provides your plant with the means of storing, analysing and utilising this data. 

These optical readers read operating data such as product ID with position and time in production which ensure that the results of tracking are available worldwide.

All this is made possible by a function block integrated into the s7-1500 controller which connects the readers to Mindsphere. 

The analysis of  this data increases transparency, allowing for the optimisation of production processes and supply chains with a view to improving efficiency and quality in production, logistics, asset management, and other areas in all industries.

Flexible Reading & Verification

High-performing and intelligent, versatile in production and logistics – benefit from the bundled advantages of the compact MV series: In different performance classes – and with selectable accessories and optional communication modules for connection to the automation system.

SIMATIC MV540 S - Basic

Article No. 6GF3500-1AP01

  • Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels
  • Incl. microSD card adapter
  • C-mount lens: 16mm, 1:1.4 PENTAX
  • D65 lens protection IP67, metal, front screen: glass
  • Built-in ring light MULTI red, lighting distance up to 800mm
  • Light Source: red LEDs 630nm incl. polarisation filter 
  • Mounting plate, W x H x D(mm): 80 x 80 x 60; thickness: 4mm
  • IE connecting cable M12-90/M12-90, 10m
  • IE FC RJ45 plug 180 2x2, RJ45 plug connector
  • Power DIO DATA M12 adapter cable, 12-pole, open end, length 10m

SIMATIC MV540 H - Advanced

Article No. 6GF3500-1AP02

  • Resolution: 1280 x 1024 pixels 
  • Incl. microSD card adapter
  • E-focus lens (C-mount), focal distance: 25 mm; e-focus via liquid lens
  •  D65 lens protection IP67, metal, front screen: glass
  • Built-in ring light MULTI red, lighting distance up to 800 mm
  • Light source: red LEDs 630 nm, incl. polarisation filter
  • Mounting plate, W x H x D (mm): 80 x 80 x 60; thickness: 4 mm
  • IE connecting cable M12-90/M12-90, 10 m
  • IE FC RJ45 plug 180 2 x 2, RJ45 plug connector
  • Power DIO DATA M12 adapter cable, 12-pole, open end, length 10 m

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