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Measuring systems that carry real weight

From the rigors of heavy industry to the precision required in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing, Siemens have weighed it all. 

Regardless of whether you need to measure Crushed stone, Ore, Cement, Coal, Food and Chemicals; Siemens has a proven collection of SIWAREX weighing electronics, SIWAREX load cells and conveyor belt scales for all of your weight measurement requirements 

As Siemens have been active within the weighing technology sector for over 50 years, they offer a broad range of weighing electronic systems for continuous or discontinuous weighing and batching applications in numerous industries. 

Weighing your world

 SIWAREX weighing technology includes weighing electronics, load cells, conveyor belt scales, solid flowmeters and weighfeeders that can solve almost any weighing task so that you can spread the load. 

SIWAREX Weighing Electronics for SIMATIC

SIWAREX weighing electronics provide real integration of all weighing applications into the SIMATIC automation environment. The comprehensive range includes weighing electronics for hopper, platform, batching, bagging, belt scales and loss-in-weight applications 

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SIWAREX Load Cells

From platform load cells to bending and shear beam, S-type and compression cells; the SIWAREX portfolio can yield the correct load cell for nominal loads of 0.3kg to 500t. The range is rounded off by mounting units which protects the load cell against overload or transverse loads and supports a optimum alignment of the lad cell. 

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Belt Weighing

Regardless of whether it is necessary to record flow rates, check stock levels, or monitor production sequences; the Siemens  systems for belt weighing cah achieve high measuring accuracy and repeatability thanks to the portfolio's selection of conveyor belt scales and high-resolution speed sensors. 

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Weight of the world on your shoulders?

The TIA Selection Tool is the perfect tool for selecting, configuring, engineering and ordering SIWAREX weighing electronic systems. Since numerous weighing applications are found in industrial production sequences, reliable recording of weights is a necessity for optimising process costs and product quality. 

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