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Plant asset management for smart field devices

Field devices are the eyes and ears of automation. A temperature, flow or pressure sensor failure can quickly lead to a plant malfunction. Using a single software appplication, SIMATIC PDM facilitates the processing of more than 4,500 devices and device variants from Siemens and over 200 other manufacturers worldwide.

Even complex devices with several hundred parameters can be represented clearly and processed quickly. All communication standards are configured via the same user interface.

Depending on your requirements, SIMATIC PDM Version 9.0 can be used in a variety of ways: from the processing of a single field device in the service station to the processing of vast numbers of field devices in large automation projects. Regardless of the application, SIMATIC PDM Version 9.0 can significantly shortern your commissioning and service times. 

The new process device plant view with structured connection point information enables measuring points to be quickly located and enabled for servicing work. 


Easily manage your process devices

SIMATIC Process Device Manager (PDM) is a universal, non-proprietary tool for the configuration, parameterization, commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance of intelligent field devices.

Maintenance made mobile

Maintenance personnel can assign field device parameters at mobile and stationary workstations  using the standard browser and practically every workstation integrated in the production plant can be used for configuration. Therefore, service engineers can work directly at the location of the field device, while data is stored centrally in the engineering station or maintenance station. Additional device-independent system functions support higher-level maintenance stations for creating progress lists for work and servicing. 

As many as 30 clients can be connected to one SIMATIC PDM server without needing to install SIMATIC software. This considerably reduces the time spent by service engineers in the control room or moving from one location to another. 

When a maintenance station is configured in the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system, SIMATIC PDM is integrated into it and transmits parameter data, diagnostics information and processing information. 

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