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When it comes to boosting your productivity, selecting the right flowmeter can make all the dfference. That is why the Siemens flow instrumentation portfolio includes a range of measurement technologies coupled with all the options you need to fully cutomise and optimise your installation. 

Easily measure the flow of liquids, gas and steam with market-leading accuracy. From simple flow indicators to advanced busy-compatible electronic systems, the trusted SITRANS F product family has versatile and reliable metering solutions built to suit every industry and process. 

The innovative portfolio of SITRAN Flow measurement devices can all be integrated into the TIA portal in just a few simple steps. With Siemens you can reliably and accurately measure everything that matters.

A Totally Digital Flow

Embrace the benefits of digitalisation with SITRANS F C Flow systems, The Coriolis transmitters from Siemens is driven by powerful digital signal processing technology, delivering true multi-parameter measurements with the highest levels of accuracy and reliability. 


The SITRANS F M Electromagnetic flow measurement product family contains a range of sensors and transmitters to cover all industry challenges from standard electromagnetic flowmeters with modular pulsed DC technology, high-performance pulsed AC flow system through to battery-operated water meters. 

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The SITRANS F C Coriolis flowmeter family delivers reliable monitoring of liquids and gases. Driven by powerful digital signal processing, Siemens best-in-class flow systems guarantee extremely precise multiparameter measurements of direct mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate, temperature, density and fraction flow. 

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The SITRANS F S Ultrasonic portfolio contains a distinct range of inline flowmeters, cost-effieicnt highly advanced clamp-on flow solutions that simplifies the installation process, or a series of open-channel flowmeters. All devices can operate independent of conductivity, viscosity, temperarture, denisty or pressure. 

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The SITRANS FX takes your steam, gas and liquid measurements to a whole new level as in the all-in-one vortex integrate flow,presure and temperature monitoring into one user-friendly 2 wire device. You can benefit from enhanced energy and process efficiency, greater accuracy and significant cost savings. 

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Process Instrumentation Configurator

Selecting the correct field instrument to effectively measure your processes can be incredibly difficult and it is easy to accidentally specify the wrong device. That is why the PIA Lifecycle tool simplifies this by allowing you to configure a selected product step by step and utilise the integrated configuration knowledge to avoid errors.  

Configure your field devices

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