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Simulate with SIMIT

Machine simulations are not only useful during the initial development and commissioning phases, but they can also facilitate virtual operator training and can simplify any future machine modifications to minimise production downtime. 

Simulation-based engineering

Once you have built a kinematic model of your machine, the next phase of constructing a digital twin is to emulate its electrical behaviour. Testing and simulating a machines electrical systems can significantly shorten the cost-intensive, risky, and slow commissioning phase of the physical counterpart. Any errors detected in the virtual world can be resolved quickly and efficiently without extensive machine repair costs, while allowing you to  achieve shorter start-up times. 

The simulation platform, SIMIT, enables comprehensive testing of a machines electrical systems including sensors, actuators, drive systems etc, to virtually map all relevant and active processes. This allows designers to efficiently detect and remove unplanned machine behaviours. 

SIMIT can also be deployed to reduce factory acceptance time and used to simulate line-integration so that the installation process at a customers site goes as smoothly as possible while speeding up the new machines start-up time. 

Virtual Operator Training

An experienced operator is vital for efficient and safe system operation. Consequently, SIMIT can provide training to your customer's operators in a realistic, risk-free virtual environment  with original control panels and automation programs before the machine has been delivered so they can familiarise themselves with the new machine ahead of its installation. This reduces orientation time on the real machine and increases service quality. 

These simulations can train new operators on start-up sequences, transition sequences and shutdown sequences. All training measures can occur without interfering with plant operations while protecting operators from operational hazards. 

As SIMIT provides a flexible and scalable simulation structure, a variety of communication possibilities exist between SIMIT and external simulators to permit the use of existing process knowledge to create even more realistic simulations. 

All training scenarios can be initiated on demand and repeated regularly during ongoing operations without interrupting daily production. 

Testing Control Logic

The final phase of Virtual Commissioning is to test and validate the machines automation code with SIMATIC PLCSIM Advanced. 

Validate automation code

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