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Mechatronic Concept Design

Mechatronic Concept Designer allows you to easily build a virtual model of your machine, using existing 3D CAD data, and then apply kinematic and physics-based properties to your machines components to validate the machines operational performance.  

Multi-disciplinary approach to machine design

The construction of a digital twin starts with building a virtual representation of your machine using NX Mechatronics Concept Designer (NX MCD). NX MCD from Siemens PLM enables a multi-disciplinary approach to machine design, fostering better collaboration between your electrical, mechanical and automation engineers so that these teams can work simultaneously.  

The software package allows a machine builder to create a mechatronic model based upon existing 3D CAD data in order to map the machines physical and kinematic properties including; motion, material flow, gravity or collision data etc. This will permit machine designers to calculate multiple variables such as throughput, and generate estimated power usage statistics.  

The virtual representation of a machine can also be used to simulate and validate basic machine functions as early as the 'Pre-sales' phase of all new projects. Not only will this significantly cut your commissioning time, but it can also provide you with a competitive advantage by demonstrating to your customers how their machine will function before the physical machine has even been built. 


Concurrent Engineering

The  traditional machine design process encompasses various disciplines and departments that have typically functioned independently of one another and, as a result, collaboration is often limited. Machine designers are always seeking ways to speed up the design process and with NX MCD - you can. 

Functional models created within Mechatronics Concept Designer provide a common language for mechanical, electrical and automation disciplines, allowing these department to work together in parallel, and thus accelerating your machine development time. 

Furthermore, the impact of design changes to one of the engineering disciplines is easily and transparently displayed and tracked in the other departments which fosters even further inter-dependent collaboration.

These models can verify machine operations, helping to detect and correct errors on the digital model, so that there are fewer integration issues which would previously hold up the traditional design process. 

Electrical Behaviour Simulation

The next phase of Virtual Commissioning is to emulate the machines electrical behaviour with SIMIT simulation software. 

Simulate with SIMIT

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