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Virtual Commissioning

Siemens Virtual Commissioning for machine builders is completely redefining the existing machine design process and providing original equipment manufacturers with the ability to shorten their go-to-market times and decrease the hefty costs associated with real world machine commissioning. 

What exactly is Virtual Commissioning?

To remain competitive within the global marketplace, machine builders need to add value beyond the cost of their equipment. Virtual commissioning allows machine builders to construct a digital twin of a machine which can be used throughout its entire lifecycle to simulate, predict and optimise behaviour before investing in physical prototypes. 

A Digital Twin is a virtual representation of a physical product, machine, production process or manufacturing plant, used to understand and predict the physical counterpart’s performance characteristics. 

Virtual Commissioning streamlines the traditional machine building process by enabling end-to-end advanced machine engineering. By incorporating multi-physics simulation, data analytics and machine learning capabilities, digital twins demonstrate the impact of design changes, usage scenarios, and environmental conditions in a virtual space. This ultimately shortens the development cycle, minimises failure rates and improves the quality of the finished machine. 

Virtual commissioning can also boost a machine builders overall profitability by practically eliminating the need for physical commissioning costs during the machines development phase and enabling more machines to be built on an annual basis as machine development time can be significantly reduced, from concept to completion. 

Streamline your machine design

The increasing integration of software makes machines much more flexible, but also much more complex. Advanced Machine Engineering is a digital thread approach that enables companies to develop increasingly complex machines faster while lowering developing costs to decrease production and operational costs.  

End-to-End Machine Design Process

The virtual commissioning software from Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) portfolio can be used throughout the entire lifecycle of a project to reduce your go-to-market time. 

Digital twins provide the language for what products and factories can tell us in operation. You can collect and identify the valuable data elements and take advantage of what the products and machines can tell us to provide insight so you can optimise performance and create new business value.

With plant data and product performance analytics, Siemens bring together all the elements necessary to fulfill the vision of the Digital Enterprise and close the loop between the virtual world of development and the real world of operation.

Mechatronic Concept Designer

Prepare a mechatronic model using existing 3D CAD data to map the physical and kinematic properties of the machine

Build your model

SIMIT Simulation

Create real-time simulations of the machines electrical and mechanical behaviour for testing and validation purposes. 

Simulate machine behaviour

PLCSIM Advanced

Link a virtual model of the machine to a virtual PLC to simulate machine control functions without the need for physical hardware. 

Automate your system

Get Started with Virtual Commissioning

There are many benefits associated with virtual commissioning and advanced machine simulation software but we understand that changing your existing processes can be quite an overwhelming task. 

But generally speaking, if a mistake is made anywhere in the development process and isn’t detected, the error costs grow by a factor of ten per each passing phase of development. 

So if you want to learn how virtual commissioning enables your engineering team to reduce the time to market, lower costs, and build more flexible, multi-purpose mahcinery, why not book a discovery call with us and our partners at Siemens Digital Industries Software.    


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