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Maximising Plant Transparency

SIMATIC WinCC SCADA systems are the perfect data visualisation tools for increasing the transparency of production process and improving the operational management of your plant. 

Turn your company into a digital powerhouse

As digitalisation is significantly increasing a manufacturing plants data requirements, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)  systems will become even more crucial for monitoring, gathering and processing real-time data from your operations. 

The scalable and open SIMATIC SCADA systems are redefining the vertical integration of data from the production to the MES/ERP level up to cloud solutions. Large amounts of data can be easily managed and archived, while production processes can be monitored and controlled in a reliable, efficient and productive manner by using SIMATIC SCADA systems from Siemens. 

Digitalisation is creating new opportunities for making industrial processes more versatile, more individual and more efficient by using manufacturing data to identify hidden productivity potential and assign resources more effectively. As a result, both SIMATIC WinCC V7 and SIMATIC WinCC (TIA Portal) have been specifically designed to handle large quantities of data and transform it into meaningful information for strategic decison-making. 

Centralise your operational data

The SIMATIC SCADA systems can centralise your data from different subsystems to help create a unique and solid database.

With data mining, you can analyse your data to identify areas for improving your operational efficiency. SIMATIC SCADA also supports you in achieving vertical integration and enables the pre-processing of your data for optimised information transfer. 

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