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Energy Management - fully compliant with ISO 50001

SIMATIC Energy Manager provides full visibility of your processes energy flows and consumption values and assigns them to the relevant consumers or cost centres. This intuitive energy management system helps you to evaluate implemented efficiency measures, optimise energy procurement, and easily compare energy efficiency across your entire production network - in a scalable, transparent, and future-proof manner. 

With rising energy costs, it is more important than ever for companies from the manufacturing and process industries to increase the energy efficiency of their operations. But this is just one of the many benefits of using SIMATIC Energy Manager from Siemens. 

This scalable solution links energy and production data to calculate how much energy is required to produce a certain product to fully optimise your energy consumption. In doing so, you can easily demonstrate compliance with statutory regulations as SIMATIC Energy Manager can create transparency in the energy balance of your company by documenting energy efficiency projects and highlighting associated energy savings. 

The software provides clear, user-specific dashboards which display meaningful energy indicators and versatile interfaces for monitoring and analysing energy data. SIMATIC Energy Manager is available in two versions for applications of varying complexity: Basic and PRO. This allows you to benefit from tailored functionality at an optimum price/performance ratio. 

Efficient Energy Management

If you are looking to sustainably manage your plants energy costs, you will need an integrated energy measuring system that can cater to your individual requirements. The SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO offers just that. It can be easily integrated into the automation system, allowing for the simple determination of energy costs per unit, machine, shift etc. 

SIMATIC Energy Manager Basic

SIMATIC Energy Manager Basic is the perfect tool for getting started with energy management. The software can be easily configured based upon your application requirements via web interfaces - both in interation with the automation system and for manual data acquisition. 

Predefined templates help with the formulation of comprehensive reports and configurable dashboards simplify the reporting process.

Ther Basic package of SIMATIC Energy Manager is perfect for users looking to get started with energy management but, If you are looking for additional functionality, the Basic version can be upgraded to SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO at any time with a license key. 

SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO

The SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO provides more comprehensive energy management functionality in comparison with the Basic package as it combines both infrastructure data with detailed machine data for a more complete approach to energy management.

The software supports the user with extensive reporting for recording and visualising performance indicators and consumption data There are also a series of tools for calculating performance indicators for more complex scenarios. 

Energy Manager PRO also permits batch-related or material-related consumption analysis and forecasts of energy consumption. Various automation-level systems can be integrated via numerous interfaces.

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