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MindSphere is the cloud-based, IoT platform that connects your products, plants, machines and systems, enabling you to harness the power of your data and derive actionable insights to streamline operational efficiency among a whole host of other benefits associated with becoming a digital enterprise.  

MindSphere is the cornerstone to your digitalisation strategy. Through a wide range of device and enterprise system connectivity protocol options, industry applications and advanced analytics, MindSphere connects your plant to the digital world. With MindConnect, Siemens offers flexible, open connectivity solutions, including software and hardware options for connecting Siemens and third-party automation equipment to the MindSphere cloud. Data visualisation and exploration has never been easier.

The MindSphere store enables users to download industrial applications that can be used to unleash productivity and efficiency across your entire business. Product Intelligence is an existing MindSphere application that automatically discovers insights from product performance data. By providing greater visibility into product and supply chain performance, you will prevent costly recalls, solve quality assurance issues faster and close the loop between design and product performance. 

Harness your data

MindSphere offers you several pre-defined packages that each come with a dedicated set of capabilities and services. Each aims at targeted outcomes and addresses a different stage in the maturity path towards digitalisation. 


Unveil the power of your production with the SIMATIC MindApps to harness your data captured by MindSphere to provide you with an enhanced insight into the peformance of your machines, plants, and automation processes whether you are overseeing global activities or operating locally. 

The SIMATIC MindApps use data such as performance, availability and messages from MindSphere to make production lines more transparent and efficient.

The cloud-based applications can be used to monitor the state of machines and plants, assess the performance and efficiency of your plants based on KPI's, and support service and maintenance departments with current information that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. 

Machine manufacturer can also utilise the MindSphere Apps to offer higher levels of machine service and availability to customers. Remotely obtain detailed failure diagnostic data for each machine which can be fed back to the customer to increase the machines productivity.

Unleash your IoT potential

The SIMATIC MindApps use cloud data from MindSphere to redefine how you manage and control your machines, plant, and automation processes. Check out all of the available applications here. 

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