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PC Based Automation

With PC-based automation, you can implement applications and solutions that far exceed the functions of a classic controller, SIMATIC IPCs offer you a flexible, innovative platform with long-term availability that gives you a home field advantage when meeting the challenges of the digital factory for your machines and plants. 

Industrial PCs for the Digital Factory

In manufacturing and production, linking information across all corporate levels increases the demands placed on the computing power, functioning, and availability of Industrial PCs. 

According to experts, the volume of digital information will increase tenfold in the coming yeards, particularly in the area of industrial processes. 

To cater for this, Siemens have a range of Rack, Box, Panel & Tablet PCs that handle the processing and editing of large volumes of production related information with ease. 

Take advantage of the wide range of SIMATIC IPCs for tasks such as; 

  • Control and monitoring of control room processes using Rack PCs
  • Fast and reliable data transfer to the enterprise cloud using a maintenance-free Box PC
  • Combining monitoring, operation, and PC-based control using Panel PCs
  • Mobile data monitoring and acquisition using Industrial Tablet PCs 

Intelligent Gateways for Industrial IoT Solutions

With advancing digitalization, there continues to be steady progress in networking between production and office IT.. But the networking of existing plants still remains a major challenge for most manufacturers.

Machines from different OEMs which operate on different technological levels, don’t speak the same data language. Yet, with SIMATIC IoT gateways, you can easily integrate intelligence for IoT solutions – simply, easily, and without expensive or complex retrofits. 

The intelligent gateways standardise communication between various data sources asthey support numerous communication protocols and can be adapted to the specific application by means of programming in high-level languages. The SIMATIC IoT gateways then analyse the data on site in production, and forward it to the corresponding recipients. 

Thus it’s possible to implement a variety of applications, from preventive maintenance based on machine and plant data, to the simple connection of production to the ERP level – thereby making your production more flexible, reliable, and efficient. 

Optimising Shop Floor Management

With SIMATIC IOT2000 Gateway, you can record the current inventory of consumables and automatically notify the shop floor management system when the inventory drops to or falls below the minimum. In this way, you can reduce your plant’s downtimes.. 

Preventive Maintenance

SIMATIC IOT2000 gateways collect data, such as rotational speed and operating time, and analyses it according to the specifications to detect the beginning of wear, enabling you to schedule maintenance activities based on the machine’s actual load.

Future-proof solutions

With SIMATIC IPCs, you can rely on the highest degree of compatibility and long-term availability. Siemens are constantly developing these devices to future-proof your investments. To read more about the SIMATIC IPC range, download your copy of the overview brochure. 

TIA Selection Tool

Need help selecting the correct automation device for your application or perhaps you need an easy way of configuring your system? 

To solve these challenges, we offer the TIA Selection Tool to support all project planners, beginners and experts alike. No detailed portfolio knowledge is necessary. The TIA Selection Tool is available for download as a free desktop version or a cloud variant. 

Quickly select your TIA devices in an easy and error-free manner. flawless configurations without the need for extensive product knowledge

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