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Maintenance Kits Special Offer - Available until 31st July 2020

Keeping a plant operational is key to maximising output and process efficiency.  Holding spare parts on plant for critical parts of machinery helps ensure unscheduled downtime is reduced to a minimum.  Sensors are critical information gathering devices for your automated machinery, however with so many types and variations used on a typical plant it is unlikely you will have a spare for every different version.

To avoid any unnecessary downtime, SICK have developed 6 specialist maintenance kits to cover the broadest possible range of application conditions with a small number of highly flexible parts and provide you with a sensor tool kit designed to help should you not have stock available of a dedicated sensor.

These kits detailed below, with a 25% discounted price point, are only available for a limited time - until end of day 31/07/2020. Standard discount structures do not apply on these promotional items. 

Sensing & Safety Essentials

SICK has a large portfolio of industrial sensing and safety products that cover a wide variety of application areas. To get a sense of what SICK have to offer, we recommend you browse their product essentials catalogue. 

Photoelectric Proximity Sensor Kit - Part No 1111318 at just £235.57

The WTT12 PowerProx photoelectric sensors provides reliable object detection up to 1.8m and at large detection angles. It is suitable for a wide range of applications that commonly use BGS, reflex or through-beam sensors. The PowerProx Time of Flight sensor's teach-in button enables a quick & easy setup. 

The kit also includes a mounting bracket, a 10m cable that can be cut to your required length,  as well as M8 and M12 field-wireable connectors.

Food & Beverage Hygienic Sensors Kit - Part No 1111315 at just £386.36

The specialist Food and Beverage kit includes two INOX sensors which have a rugged, watertight IP 69K stainless steel design with "best-in-class" optical functionality makes these ideal for use in wash-down applications as well as standard environments. 

The BGC device has a maximum sensing range of 120mm and the Reflex version up to 3m.  The WLG4S also detects transparent films and objects using the fine triple reflector. 

This kit also includes a mounting bracket, 5m cable, as well as M8 and M12 field-wireable connectors.

Inductive Proximity Sensors Kit - Part No 1111316 at just £265.91

These seven PNP Normally Open inductive sensors use SICK's triple sensing range technology to extend the operating distance to cover a wide range of applications. Not only can targets be detected from further away but the risk of hitting and breaking either the sensor or the target is greatly reduced. 

These sensors can be used like conventional proximity sensors in operating temperature ranging from -25 to +70degC.  The kit includes mounting brackets, M8 & M12 5m cable, as well as M8, and M12 field wireable connectors.

Incremental Encoders Kit - Part No 1111538 at just £667.38

Incremental Encoders are critical parts of plant ensuring precise Motion Control, so an encoder failure can bring machinery to a grinding halt. The SICK encoder kit contains the parts required to get most plants up and running in an emergency.

Programmable electrical output type (TTL / HTL)  and resolution (1-10000ppr) in 3 different mechanical designs together with accessories enable replication of over 100,000 individual encoder combinations.

Liquid Level Sensors Kit - Part No 1111320 at just £1249.25

The Liquid Level Sensor kit covers a wide range of standard or hygienic point level and continuous level applications.The 2m long guided wave radar level probe can be cut to length to suit the installation conditions.  A coax tube accessory is included in the kit for operation on oil based liquids or applications in open or plastic vessels.

4-20mA / 0-10V + 2 x PNP/NPN outputs plus IO Link provide communication flexibility.  Completing the kit are PNP Tuning forks with G3/4", 1" or 1/1.5" and Tri-clamp fittings that provide a robust solution for simple point level requirements and dry pump protection.

Pressure Sensors Kit - Part No 1111319 at just £1233.02

 The pressure sensor maintenance kit includes a range of pressure sensors to help ensure there is sufficient pressure for pneumatic or hydraulic actuators, sufficient vacuum for vacuum suckers or controlling level using hydrostatic pressure.

These pressure sensors tailored for compressed air applications, are complemented by  industrial units for liquids and gases providing rangeable analogue output with a 5:1 turn down ratio providing wide application coverage. 

The kit is completed with a hygienic 1 bar sensor ideal for hydrostatic level applications.  All sensors have G1/4" process connections with the exception of the hygienic sensor which features a 1" process connection.  A weld in flange is included for this sensor.

Looking for further details?

If you want a complete breakdown of the exact parts that are contained within each of these specially designed maintenance kits, or want to enquire about purchasing these critical spares to keep your plant in operation during these challenging times, then get in contact with your local Underwoods branch and one of your local sales engineers will be in touch shortly.  

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