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Multi-dimensional Vision

Automated identification tasks require more than one technology. Whether you need laser scanners, cameras, or RFID systems; with SICK you have the choice. What's more, you can combine their identification technologies with their additional sensors systems for enhanced transparency and traceability. 

Identifying the Ideal Vision System

To a large extent, the smooth operation of a logistics process is reliant on the reliable identification of goods & load carriers and to provide genuinely efficient solutions for identification tasks, you need more than just one type of technology. This is why SICK offer the three most common industrial identification technologies for your product traceability and anti-counterfeiting requirements including; laser-based scanners for 1D codes, image-based 2D and 3D code readers, and RFID readers. 

As the shear volume of products being processed by the logistics industry has increased at an unprecidented rate, these organisations require efficient inventory management and warehosuing solutions to cater to this growing demand. SICK can simplify the inventory management process. For example, pallets loaded and labelled with RFID tagged parcels can be simultaneously scanned for palet number, units, goods identifier, serial numbers and process data. All items are identified and transmitted with a single scan using an RFID solution. 

You can obtain a complete system solution from SICK as you can combine identification technologies and enhance your application with additional sensors from SICK's extensive product portfolio. An example of this are tote loads that need to be verified by bar code scanners which are triggered by proximity sensors in the storage or retrieval process. No matter how complex your application may be: SICK has a sensor solution for all of your automation challenges, 

Identification systems that create total transparency

Improving transparency and ehancing product traceability throughout an entire production facility or automated distribution centre is starting to become an increasingly popular demand. To achieve this, identification sensors, whether in the form of RFID, laser-based bar code scanners, and image-based code readers, are being deployed throughout these facilities to significantly improve your businesses quality control procedures. 

To provide you with the flexibility you need, SICK has developed a concept enabling you to interchange and network our identification sensors across all the different technologies. Whichever solution you choose, you can be sure of a flexible future with the 4Dpro platform from SICK:

Your visions become reality

To provide you with extra flexibility, SICK has developed a concept enabling you to interchange and network their identification sensors across the three differing technologies. The 4Dpro paltform provides standardised connectivity and cloning functions for simple device replacement which can be easily achieved, thanks to user-friendly interfaces and configuration software. 

Struggling to Identify the right technology?

If you are struggling to find the right technology for your identification tasks and are unsure if your application involves reading 1D or 2D codes - you can use the Identifcation explorer from SICK to help you identify the right solution for you. 

Find your vision

Flexibility with 4Dpro

Regardless of which technology you choose today, the 4Dpro concept offers you flexibility for the future. All 4Dpro sensors are compatible and interchangeable, come with standardised connectivity, a common user interface, and a common set of accessories. Go 4Dpro today. 

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