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Intelligent Motor Switching

Switch and reverse your industrial motors quickly and reliably with the CONTACTRON range of compact hybrid motor starters from Phoenix Contact. 

Maybe it's time to get yourself a hybrid 

Motor Starters with Hybrid Technology

Switch motors safely and reliably with compact standalone, modular, and network-ready hybrid motor starters. The devices can be used wherever three-phase asynchronous motors, from 50 W to 3 kW, need to be reversed and protected. 

The hybrid motor starter product range consists of direct and reversing starters, which provide various functions such as emergency stop and motor protection. 

  • Fast wiring, thanks to integrated locking circuit and load wiring
  • Adjustable motor protection with bimetal function up to 9 A
  • Spave-saving 22.5 mm slim design 
  • Safe shutdown, thanks to integrated safety function up to SIL 3 and PL e
  • Reliable feedback on motor status thanks to optional relay module.


Increased Service Life

Enjoy a tenfold increase in service life with gentle switching, thanks to the CONTACTRON hybrid technology. Experience greater system availability, thanks to a combination of wear-free semiconductor technology and robust relay technology. For even further system availability, the CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters offer short-circuit protection in accordance with IEC/EN 60947-4-2. This means protection of personnel, machines, and systems, even in the event of short circuit. To continue operations, simply replace the fuses. The switching device is once again ready to go.

Simplicity in Functional Safety & Modular Expansion

The CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters from Phoenix Contact also offer simple safety integration for your functional safety applications. 

For example, Using the DIN rail connector, you can perform an emergency stop group shutdown of all the downstream hybrid motor starters without the need for additional wiring.

The economical DIN rail connector also allows you to reap the benefits of easy signal loop-through (24 V power supply, ground and enable) plus expansions with checkback contacts.

In addition, all modules can be supplied from the system power supply. The optional response module allows for monitoring the motor status from the control room.

Finally, an optional relay module can help you to reliably detect the status of your electric motors, e.g. forward running or reverse running.

Easy Networking

Transfer your process data easily and network your devices quickly using both the Interface connection for integration into fieldbus systems and the available IO-Link motor starter variants.  

The CONTACTRON range can be connected to PROFINET via the EMPNET-GATEWAY-IFS, using the DIN rail connector. Digital outputs are not required to control the motor starters. 

The EM-PNET-GATEWAY-IFS has eight digital inputs and four freely programmable outputs. For a modular or distributed structure, this means you occupy fewer I/O cards on the controller or remote I/Os.

The IO-Link enabled hybrid motor starters that can be networked help you ensure consistent communication between the field and control level.  Not only do you benefit from space and wiring savings, you also get the advantage of diagnostic functions

Switch your motors safely and reliably

The Phoenix Contact hybrid motor starters are the smart choice for when you need to switch and reverse your electric motors quickly and reliably. 

Browse the full range of motor starters that we have available for puchase on our E-commerce store where you can also download product datasheets and check the full specs of each product variant. 

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