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Q2V - Driving Quality

The Q2V inverter family from Omron offers a compact AC drive which combines easy operation with high-efficiency control for almost any motor type. 

Versatile & Reliable Motor Control

The Q2V Inverter Drive family from Omron enables flexible motor control, allowing you to use just one drive for almost any kind of motor including; inducitve (IM), permanent magnet (PM) & synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motors.

In addition to handling different types of AC motors, the Q2V is dual rated, meaning that heavy duty and normal duty options are available. This results in application flexibility as the same inverter model can drive motors with different ratings depending on the load characteristics. 

The Q2V also improves the energy efficiency of all components in the systems control loop. For example, its advanced motor control algorithms increase efficiency by up to 6% for asynchronous motors and up to 2% for permanent magnet motors, when compared to conventional drives.

The new EZ vector control method offers even further flexibility for pumps and fan applications as it optimises the output current even more thanks to the Maximum Torque Per Ampere (MTPA) algorithm. 

Further additional energy-saving functions are available for applications where the loads have variable or reduced torque characteristics. These functions optimise energy savings automatically, achieving energy savings of up to 50%. 

When it comes to reliability, the Q2V family boasts a rugged design for added protection against dust and humidity to ensure 10 years of maintenance-free operation in temperatures of up to 50°C. 

To reduce machine downtime even further, data acquisition at the device level enables users to prevent potential failures as the Q2V can trace & record data to a local SD card or provide the data to IT systems with the Omron NX/NJ controllers. 

In need of technical data ?

If you are looking for more specific technical information about the Q2V Compact Drive family, then why not download a PDFcopy of the datasheet here. 

Easy Installation & Set-up

The compact nature of the Q2V inverter drive enables you to reduce your cabinet size and optimise space, thanks to side by side mounting. 

You can also actively reduce your hardware costs as all Q2V drives come with a built-in C1/C2/C3 clas​s EMC filter and the Safety Torque Off (STO) safety function. To simplify the installation process even further, all I/Os come with screwless terminals which decreases your overall wiring costs. 

Why not use the Q2app for easier set-up and 24/7 remote monitoring? 

Wirelessly connect your smartphone to an Omron Q2V drive via bluetooth and view the status of your inverter drive in real-time. 

Easily monitor certain performance indicators such as motor speed, frequency reference, output current as well as the status ot the drive's digital inputs and outputs. 

Download your copy of the Q2app for Andriod phones here 

Program >> Deploy >> Go

The Q2V is designed to provide more convenient commissioning. All Q2 Series drives can be programmed without being connected to any power supply. Simply plug the drive into one of your PCs USB ports, start programming and enjoy the ease of commissioning. 

The Q2dev graphical development tools provide faster application customisation: 

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop programming 
  • Over 480 function blocks 
  • Access to I/Os, network interfaces,drive parameters and monitors 
  • Logic/math functions 
  • Online debugging 
  • Constant scan cycle (0.5 ms fastest)

Highly-efficient Motor Control

If you are looking for a compact inverter drive that can minimise commissioning and operating costs, improve energy efficiency and offer 10 years of maintenance-free operation, then you should check out the Q2V Variable Speed Drive.  

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