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Superior & Smart Proximity Sensors

Superceding the E2A range, the new E2E NEXT Series of proximity sensors from Omron offers an exceptional sensing range, allowing for more spacious designs with less risk of contact. 

E2E NEXT - A Higher Caliber of Proximity Sensors

Forget what you know about proximity sensors. Previously, you may have been forced to install inductive proximity sensors in locations that risked contact to overcome false detection errors. 

This is no longer the case with the E2E NEXT PREMIUM position sensor which offers approximately double the sensing distance compared to previous models, such as the E2A series. As a result, this magnetic sensor enables installations with more distance between the sensor and the sensing object, thereby reducing unexpected production stoppages due to collision. 

Now you can standardise your designs by adopting a single one-sized model instead of multiple inductive sensor models of differing sizes. 

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Delve into the E2E Next Series

Improve facility operation rates by preventing unscheduled production downtime, thanks to the E2E NEXT Series IO-Link communication. Explore the full benefits of these inductive proximity sensors within the E2E Next product brorchure. 

Easily Detect Sensor Failures

Connecting the E2E proximity sensors with controllers using an IO-Link Master enables you to send information necessary for stable operation to host devices. This enables condition monitoring and failure detection of sensors, which in turn contribute to predictive maintenance of equipment and facilities.

By using the IO-Link Master to connect your inductive sensors to your controller, you can use your HMI panel for real-time identification of potential sensor failures and replace the faulty sensor in approximately 10 seconds using the e-jig adaptor. 

Yet, these metal sensors boast the proven robustness that many Omron products are known for. E2E NEXT are one of the best solutions for challenging conditions with an extended temperature range and IP69K protection rating for water resistance and wash resistance. 

For even further environmental resistance, the E2E NEXT inductive sensors use PVC cables with enhanced oil resistance, and have been evaluated according to IP67G of JIS C 0920. As such, these metal sensors are designed to resist oil ingress for up to two years.

Replace Discontinued E2A Sensors with E2E NEXT

As of March 2022, the E2A standard series of proximity sensors from Omron has been discontinued. The new E2E NEXT range offers a seamless replacement with a selection of technical advantages.

These new advantages include:

  • Superior sensing distance with triple and quadruple detection models
  • Higher level of protection including IP67, IP69K and IP67G
  • Enchanced operating temperature range (−40°C to 85°C)
  • IO-LINK built in as standard and included within the competitive price-point
  • Now comes with UL Certification and CSA Certification

The sensing distance of an E2E NEXT M12 is 9 mm, which means M12 models can cover objects previously covered by E2A M18 versions. Now you can reduce the number of parts in your spare inventory profile by making the switch to the E2E NEXT series.  

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