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Phoenix Contact

Together with Phoenix Contact, we can help you to shape the future of your business and realise the true potential of smart manufacturing and the Industrial Internet of Things. 

Inspiring Innovations

Phoenix Contact is a global market leader and innovator in the field of electrical engineering, specialising in industrial automation, industrial networking, cybersecurity and interface solutions. They strive to offer the best solution when faced with any electrical engineering or automation task. 

Phoenix Contact offers an innovative portfolio of industrial electro-technology: Best connections from the sensor to the controller. From the classical modular terminal block to splash-proof machine connectors, all the way through to wireless Ethernet. 

The open control platform

The PLCnext open platform simplifies engineering by providing multiple developers, from different generations, with the ability to work in parrellel on one control program. This is just one of the many ways that PLCnext can meet all of the challenges of the IoT world. 

Go Digital

The face of manufacturing is undergoing a digital transformation as intelligent production draws ever closer. The industrial production and IT worlds are converging more than ever before. The fourth industrial revolution sees the emergence of smart manufacturing: an efficient and adaptive production system achieving optimal value creation at every stage. 

With almost 100 years of experience in machine building and automation, Phoenix Contact are well placed to help implement the intellgent production of tomorrow. Increase your competitive edge through more intelligent production processes for maximum efficiency and flexibility. 

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Whatever level of support you need, we can give you a clear market advantage through better product knowledge, smoother installations and systems that increase your productivity.

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