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When its comes to modular safety interlock switches and access control devices that are designed to withstand strenuous industrial environments within manufacturing plants, Fortress has the right safety product to meet almost any automation safety application. 

As the Sole Distribution Partner for Fortress in the UK, Underwoods can help you all of your safety interlocking and industrial access control requirements. 

Protecting People, Protecting Productivity

Fortress Interlocks are a UK-based manufacturer of safety interlocking systems for automation safety applications that protect your personnel and/or producitvity by ensuring that all activities are performed in a safe, pre-determined sequence.

Underwoods are the sole supplier of the Fortress' product range in the UK and has access to the complete product portfolio so we can help you to implement effective machinery safeguards, whatever the application.  


Why Fortress?

Fortress Interlocks provides a comprehensive range of safety devices for virtually any machinery safety application to ensure that personnel are safeguarded from dangerous machinery and/or hazardous processes by eliminating the possibility of human error.

Perhaps you are just looking for a basic safety switch to monitor when a guard is open, or a guard lock to prevent access until it is safe to enter a secure area. Then you might want to check out the Safety Switches for Automation brochure. 

Struggling with International Safety Standards?

By law, all new machinery within a manufacturing plant must comply with the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) and be fitted with adequate safeguards in place to guarantee the safety of machine operators and other plant personnel.

While it is preffered that all machine hazards, wherever possible, should be removed through a process of inherently safe design, this isn't always possible as there are some scenarios whereby access into the machine is necessary, such as maintenance and scheduled cleaning activities. 

As a result, all machinery should be designed with a Safety Related Control System that reduces the occurrence of these hazardous situations. A safety interlocking system is what prevents personnel from accessing hazardous machine areas until that machine has entered a safe state of operation.

However, there a number of international safety standards that provide safety requirements and guidance on each type of safeguard as well as standards that deal with specific safety requirements for particular machinery. Therefore, deciding which standard you should follow, to demonstrate compliance, can be a difficult task.

That's why you should consult Underwoods on your next automation safety project. 

Functional Safety Webinar

New to Functional Safety and don't know how to efffectively reduce the risk to personnel that may come into contact with your automated equipment? 

In this pre-recorded joint webinar, Underwoods & Fortress Interlocks will examine risk reduction measures that you can take to effectively safeguard hazardous machinery and dangerous processes. 

Join us as we explore the risk reduction hierarchy, inherently safe design measures, through to the selection of appropriate safeguards and safeguarding devices based upon your application requirements. 

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Still unsure on safety?

If you are currently working on a machiney safety project and are unsure of the best way of safeguarding your machine, we can help you to specify the appropriate safety device based upon your application. 

You're in safe hands